Book Review: 'It Started with a Note' by Victoria Cooke.

I adore the lovely Victoria Cooke so I absolutely couldn't wait to sit down and dive into her beautiful book; 'It Started with a Note.' I remember chatting to Victoria at last years Harpercollins Summer party about this story and she was so passionate about it that I knew I had to add it to my TBR pile.


Superhero single mum Cath always puts other people first. But now that she’s seen her son safely off to university (phew!), life seems a little, well…empty.

So when Cath unexpectedly discovers some letters written by her great-grandfather during the First World War, she decides to take herself on an adventure to France to retrace his footsteps.

Cath expects to spend her holiday visiting famous battlefields and testing out her French phrase book. What she doesn’t anticipate is that her tour guide, the handsome Olivier, will be quite so charming! Soon Cath isn’t simply unearthing the stories of the past – she’s writing a brand new one of her own, which might end up taking her in a very unexpected direction…

My Review

After speaking with Victoria and learning little bits about what inspired this book (her own family history) I was really looking forward to that element of the story and reading about the First World War. It added such a real and endearing quality to this book that connected to me and made me give pause for all the things I am grateful for each day. Victoria had such a warm and respectful way of writing about such heartbreaking events and it's something about this book that really kept me turning the pages. The letters Cath's Great-Grandfather wrote were beautiful and tear-jerking and were wonderfully placed within this book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about World War One from the facts that weaved their way throughout this story too. 

As for our leading lady Cath, well, I just loved her. Cath is selfless through and through and just always putting others first. She has got the biggest heart and is simply so sweet that it was easy to fall in love with her. From the get go I was rooting for her and cheering her on. It made me so giddy when she took a leap out of her comfort zone, left her lazy brother and monotonous job behind, and went to France. I felt like she deserved it more than anything. I was living vicariously through her and felt so proud that she had done it one her own. I felt a lovely bond with Cath throughout the book; feeling very much inspired that she was setting out to do something that her Great-Grandfather had wanted her Mum and Grandma to experience, that certainly touched me, and through her mannerisms, her nerves and how she spoke to people. There was just something about her that I could relate to and then something about her I wanted to try and be. She inspired me. 

When Cath gets to France she is introduced to the charming tour guide Olivier. I was skeptical at first and had to keep turning the pages for fear that he was going to hurt dear Cath, but it turned out that he too had a heart of gold. Not to give too many spoilers, but their story is rather lovely and you will one hundred percent swoon over Olivier when you get to see him around his family and how he treats Cath. 

The way Cath's family and friends come together to help make Cath's dreams come true at the end and how her world is opened up to new adventures and experiences makes this a perfect, delightful, and heartwarming read. All the characters are inviting and lovely to get to know. 'It Started with a Note.' is filled with sadness, humour and triumph. 

Honestly, this is such a beautiful read and one that will without a doubt leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I highly recommend picking up a copy of 'It Started with a Note' today! 

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Happy reading! 


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