Book Review: Daring to Love the Duke's Heir by Janice Preston.

Oh how I enjoyed this book! I'm already a fan of the Beauchamps after having read Janice's previous books, so I knew Dominc already, although I want to say he was a lot younger when I first met him and it was his step Mum and Dads story I had been reading?


She’s totally unsuitable…
…to be his Duchess!
Part of The Beauchamp Heirs: Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon, is a powerful duke’s heir and it’s his duty to marry well. His bride must have impeccable breeding, manners and grace. But can anyone meet his exacting standards? Certainly not the irrepressible Liberty Lovejoy, who’s been thrust into society after years of being a provincial nobody. She’s too bold, too bubbly…so why is she the only lady he’s thinking about?

My Review.

Forgive me Janice for not remembering, I've read a lot of books since, but the whole way through this story, as more characters entered that I knew of, I just kept having that feeling that I knew Dominic when he was a boy. Everything about him was familiar and it made settling into the story so easy. It made me happy.
I took to Liberty Lovejoy and her sisters so quickly, as well as the relationship between Liberty and her brother. It was very easy to understand her passion for wanting to make sure her twin was on the right path and not going to get himself into trouble. I loved their relationship and how he spoke to her when they were back on the same page. He may have strayed a little but I feel the family bond bought him back and he became once again protective of his sisters and close to his twin again. Being a twin myself who is incredibly close to said twin means I lose connection quite easily if twins don't behave a certain way, even though I know not all twins are as close as me and Lucy. I appreciated that I could feel that twin bond Liberty and Gideon shared.
I really liked Liberty in general. She was an act first apologies later kind of woman and I found sometimes that was just the best way to be. She followed her heart more than her head and usually that worked well for her, if it didn't then she had some way of explaining her actions and then faced the consequences. Luckily for her a lot of the time this attitude worked in her favour. Especially where Dominic was concerned...
...Dominic I loved, although I'm so so glad Liberty was around to make him see sense and shake him up. On one hand I adored that he made lists and liked sticking to a plan...who doesn't love an organised man?! But on the other I wanted to say screw the list, you can't marry one of these other women and make do, you have to be happy and be loved. I enjoyed the moments that Liberty made him act on impulse rather than out of duty and what he felt was expected of him.
I also loved the family vibes in this book. Between Dominc's sister and brother and Liberty's sisters and brother, it was very family orientated. I loved the banter and the over protectiveness as well as the arguments and jibes towards one another. It made it feel like one big happy family that I was a part of and thus made me more attached to the characters. I'm hoping Alex, Dominic's brothers story is next, he was cheeky and fun and I couldn't help be slightly intrigued by him!
All in all 'Daring to Love The Duke's heir' was a fantastic read that I thoroughly looked forward to picking up each night!

Happy Reading!


  1. Thank you for a wonderful review, Kelly!

    1. You're welcome Janice! Thank YOU for such a wonderful book! xx