Book Review: The Time of Our Lives by Portia MacIntosh.


My name is Kelly Sharpe, I'm thirty-one years old and I'm addicted to reading books by Portia MacIntosh. The last book I read I polished off in two days and since then I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I do this every time and never learn my lesson!!! Her new one, The Time of Our Lives, is fantastic though so what do you expect?!

The Blurb.

Love is in the air…?

Luca is used to being the ‘single one’ at weddings – it happens, when all your other friends are engaged, married or taken. But when she bumps into Tom, her friend from university who broke her heart into a million pieces, she finds herself wondering what could have been.
It’s ten years later, surely she should be over that Tom by now? So why is he looking even more gorgeous than ever – and why doesn’t he seem to be able to keep his eyes off her either?

And as the champagne flows and old secrets resurface, Luca realises that perhaps the time to take a chance on love and life is…now?

My Review.

I love being in Portia MacIntosh world and after reading this book had just one question? How does she always manage to create characters that I feel like I knew before I read her book? If anyone knows the answer, please feel free to let me know and also tell me which of her books is your favourite? I have to say that as much as I enjoyed Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli and Love and Lies at The Village Christmas Shop, I do love the style of writing in Time of Our Lives and her earlier books. Not that she can't do both brilliantly, I just think she's amazing at first person, quirky stories, of which I could read an anthology book Portia?? ;)

The Time of Our Lives, is an upbeat, non stop, laugh out loud read, that drew me in and had me sinking into my couch that little bit more and assuring myself just one more chapter was absolutely fine at 11 o'clock at night!! It reminded me of movies like 'House Bunny' and 'Sydney White' in a good way, pretty much any movie with a university theme really. I say that because Portia's writing makes it feel so vivid that it's like I was actually watching a movie play out in my head. I know technically you may do that with every book you read, but I don't feel like all are this action packed and real and make you feel like you've just watched a whole movie when you've read the last chapter. Have any books made you feel like this? Let me know!!

Luca is now my new best friend, I'm pretty certain I have a 27 dresses line up going now with all of Portia's characters, but that's another good movie so #winning! She was fun, she was practical, she tried to keep her shit together, even though let's face it, we all have our moments and I just loved her. She overthought certain things, she went with the flow, there was just so much of her that made me connect to her and that's what I adore so much about Portia's writing. She truly makes you connect to the characters, even if they can often be quite bold or say things or dress the way I would never dress, I somehow finish the book feeling like "yep that was so me, she's me and we are now best friends because of it" - an actual conversation in my head.

As for Tom - oooh he was a tricky one!! At first I was like "Dude just tell her the truth" because I was starting to second guess things myself and was wondering how he could be so perfect and thinking "what is going on with you?" - You're getting completely inside my brain with this review, it's like a gift that keeps on giving! He worried me at the start and I was concerned for Luca and almost wanted her to leave him be, but as the story progressed I wanted to know more about him and I softened a little, okay a lot, he really was rather perfect. His and Luca's whole story and friendship was all so sweet and serendipitous!

It was entertaining, it was fun, it was over way too quickly - my fault, not Portia's - and now I'm back to waiting, like a puppy at the front door - theoretically not physically - for Portia's next one! The Time of Our Lives should definitely be on your reading list!

Happy Reading!

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