Mangia: Rum and Chocolate Mousse.

"Why is the rum always gone?" (Name that movie) 

The answer is... because it's in this mousse!!! We've been wanting to whip up some mousse for a while now and finally got round to it a few weekends ago. We researched some recipes online and then kind of did our own thing with a mixture of them. I'll admit to putting way to much rum in the first time. The texture was amazing and it taste delicious, apart from the fire breathing kick that only Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of! ;) You live and learn!! 

Here's a tweaked version of the recipe! Enjoy!

What you need:

200g dark chocolate
200g double cream
20g sugar
10g butter
10/15ml rum depending on how strong you want it.

Whipping cream to top.

What to do:

Melt the chocolate and butter together, in a pan on a low heat. Keep and eye on it, mixing occasionally.

When it's melted and cooled slightly, add the sugar slowly and the liquor. Gently mix together.

Whip the cream until soft peaks form, then fold half into the chocolate.

Add the rest of the cream, once the first half is combined.

Separate into glass jars and refrigerate till ready to serve. Top with whipped cream.

Buon Appetito.



  1. Thanks for this YUMMY post that I have to try it I will die 💚❤️💜💙💛💙💜❤️💚 it looks amazing! I'm leaning my info on your Twitter for return follow and comment favor 💚❤️💜💙 thank you!!!I look forward to your future posts!!!

    1. Thank you so much! We will have a look at your blog too! :)

  2. Two of my favourite ingredients!