Mangia: Pasta Pizza.


Has anyone ever in the history of the world, measured the right amount of pasta for a meal? Anyone?? It's like a magic trick that only little Italian Nonna's can master! We know we're still working on it. But with too much pasta comes something very tasty indeed - PASTA PIZZA!!

That's right, fear not. Italians don't waste food, which means they make leftovers into new amazing meals. Just don't tell our Nanna that sometimes we make extra pasta just so she can make us a pasta pizza...shhhh....

What you need:

Left over pasta. Can be with or without sauce. Whatever sauce you had just gives it all the more flavour. 


Salt and pepper.

Grated cheese. 

Olive oil.

What to do:

In a mixing bowl, combine your leftover pasta with your eggs, grated cheese, salt and pepper.

In a pan over medium to high heat, heat oil.

Pour in your pasta and flatten so it covers the whole pan. 

Allow to cook. You should be able to slide a knife around the edges to judge how well it's coming together. If you fear it might fall apart, add some more grated cheese on top.

Place your pan under the grill to cook on top. 

Once it's nice and golden, place a plate on top of your pan and flip your pasta pizza out! 

Now, we haven't written down measurements as you might always have a different amount of pasta. This is a recipe you can have fun with and eyeball. You want your pasta to combine and stick together, so if you have a lot of pasta you will need more eggs to cover it and more cheese too. 


Have you ever made pasta pizza before? Have you ever eaten it before?

Buon Appetito.

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