Mangia: Asparagus Omelette.


One of the many things we love about our Nanna and Grandad's cooking is that they can make the simplest of dishes the most tastiest. An omelette might not sound so extravagant but when Nanna and Grandad make it, you'd think you were at a five star restaurant...then again, we pretty much are!

Though we're not sure if Nanna and Grandad ever served omelettes at their restaurant 'The Red Rose,' we were lucky as kids as we got treated to them all the time. Our top two omelette styles being when Nanna made them with asparagus and carciofi. The other day when we saw asparagus in Nanna's kitchen we knew what we wanted to make her for lunch. The test was to make it as good as hers and see what she thought of our attempt.

So, we pulled together our simple ingredients:


3 eggs

125g Asparagus



Olive oil

What to do:

Blanche your asparagus in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool, then chop in to smaller chunks.

Drizzle your olive oil in your pan on medium heat.

Beat three eggs in a bowl, adding your salt and pepper and asparagus.

When your pan has heated add your egg mixture and fluff it out in the pan so it covers the pan. Leave to cook.

Once the edges are turning golden and it looks like you could flip it like a pancake, place your pan under the grill to allow the top to cook through.

Flip out on to your dish and serve.


We are pleased to say that Nanna enjoyed every bite. This is such a delicious dish and is a great way of changing up breakfast. You can try different vegetables or even add a bit of cheese too.

Buon Appetito.



  1. A great combination and like you said, might seem really simple but it's really delicious! :)

    1. It really is! Thank you so much for reading. We hope you try it, we made it again for breakfast the other day and it tastes so good! :) xx