Book Review: Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop by Rebecca Raisin.

I'm all about Rebecca Raisin and I'm all about Camper Vans, so let's jump straight in to this wonderful read from one of my absolute favourites!


The trip of a lifetime!

Rosie Lewis has her life together.

A swanky job as a Michelin-Starred Sous Chef, a loving husband and future children scheduled for exactly January 2021.

That’s until she comes home one day to find her husband’s pre-packed bag and a confession that he's had an affair.

Heartbroken and devastated, Rosie drowns her sorrows in a glass (or three) of wine, only to discover the following morning that she has spontaneously invested in a bright pink campervan to facilitate her grand plans to travel the country.

Now, Rosie is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, and the chance to change her life! With Poppy, her new-found travelling tea shop in tow, nothing could go wrong, could it…?

My Review:

I love, love, love Rebecca Raisin, so I was super excited to dive into one of her gorgeous books again. Everything from the stunning cover to the story tucked in between the pages appealed to me with 'Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop.' When reading the blurb I was already drawn to Rosie and wanted to see how she pulled through her heartbreak. Moreover, I have always dreamed of owning my own VW Camper Van so it was so much fun living vicariously through Rosie and Poppy.

Rosie is a lovely and endearing character. I enjoyed her goofy moments and that she was always herself; which lead to some laugh out loud awkward scenes that make you love her even more. Her ability to push through her sadness with a determination to learn from her past and make a new life for herself by stepping out of her comfort zone and facing her fears, really had me cheering her on and rooting for her. What she created with Poppy, her bright pink camper van, had me smiling from ear to ear and maybe scouring the web for any VW vans for sale! Her little tea shop was truly delightful. I was drooling at all the descriptions of tea and cakes.

I got very excited about Rosie's plans to jump on the festival circuit with Poppy, it all just sounded so cute and adventurous and I absolutely adored when she met Aria. Aria's camper van book shop sounded like pure heaven. Oh my goodness how I just wanted to curl up inside and read and read, drink tea, and read. I fell in love with Aria; her heart and her story pulled at my heart strings. How she talked about the love of her life brought me to tears. She was so precious. I really loved her spirit.

I was happy that Rosie got to figure herself out a little on the road and it was lovely that after her relationship ended that she was able to find someone more suited to her and who ignited the fire inside her. I loved Max and thought he was an absolute sweetheart. He very much had me melting with how kind, caring and adventurous he was. Their interactions were swoon worthy and also had me chuckling.

'Rosie's Travelling Teashop' is such a delightful read from Rebecca Raisin, be sure to pick up your copy today!

Happy reading!


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