Book Review: Unlaced By The Highland Duke by Lara Temple.


Guys, if you haven't picked up, started or even looked at The Lochmore Legacy series yet, you really, really need to. I'm two books in and it's been absolutely brilliant so far. The wonderful Janice Preston kicked it off with 'His Convenient Highland Wedding,' and Lara Temple has continued to up the pace and keep us hooked with 'Unlaced by the Highland Duke.' 

The Blurb.

A plain Regency governess
In bed with the Duke!
Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Unceremoniously packed off to Scotland to care for the Duke of Lochmore’s young son, practical widow Joane Langdale fears she will be ignored—as always. But the deep connection and heated passion that develops between her and Benneit is far more dangerous! When Benneit is expected to propose to another, how can Jo dream of becoming his duchess?

My Review.

This book was my "holiday" read. I write it like that because I decided to start it a couple of days before my holiday and almost finished it before I even boarded the plane!!! It was so good! I adore a good book series and this one just has that extra bit of excitement for me because of the fact that it's four different eras and four different authors. It makes me smile as I'm reading because I will occasionally imagine the authors all sat with their characters and notes to intertwine the people and plots! I love it! 

'Unlaced by the Highland Duke,' was a beautiful story, one that charmed me and made me want more. I fell in love with all of the characters, as not one felt more important than the other. Benneit, Jo and Jamie were all wonderful people, each playing their parts in telling such a touching story. Jamie (Benniet's son) was a delight and gave the book a joyous element with the adventurous, innocent qualities only children possess. Benneit was everything you expect of a leading Duke, masculine, sexy, but with a vulnerability that only made him more appealing. Then there was Joane. I'm struggling to put into words how I felt about her, in a good way, because I very much just loved who she was and what she represented. Their were two sides to her, Mrs Langdale and Jo. She could be proper and stern Mrs Langdale, when she felt she had to be, but really she was imaginative, adventurous and brave Jo. I enjoyed that side of her the most; when she got to be herself around Jamie. In these moments Benneit got to see the real her too and as his heart softened to this new women that had been thrown into his life, my heart melted for all of them as well. 

Lara did a wonderful job at making me feel at home at Lochmore Castle. I cared for the family and felt everything they had been through and were going through. I also loved that it was the back story of the fun lady I met in 'His Convenient Highland Wedding.' I can't get enough of back stories and revisiting characters I've already met, so this series really is perfect! I most highly recommend 'Unlaced by the Highland Duke,' and I cannot wait to see what Elisabeth Hobbes has in store for us next!! 

Happy Reading! 


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