Book Review: The Disgraceful Lord Gray by Virginia Heath.


I'm so fortunate to know so many talented authors. It blows my mind everyday that I get to interact with these amazing people online and read their brilliant books for this blog. I feel so lucky and grateful and happy about it. Thank you so much Virginia Heath for sending me The Disgraceful Lord Gray and for allowing me to read your wonderful series of books. I adore them.

The Blurb.

A spy on a mission…
Until he meets this heiress!
Part of The King’s Elite. Miss Theodora Cranford’s learned to keep her impetuous nature locked away. She won’t be deceived by another man who can’t see past her fortune. She wants an honourable, sensible sort – not a self-assured scoundrel like her new neighbour, Lord Gray. Although she’s sure there’s more to him than meets the eye… But after that first captivating kiss, she's certainly left wanting more!

My Review.

Oh how I loved this book. I do apologise sometimes if I sound like I say the same things in reviews, but when books make me this happy, I often don't know how to express myself. I wish I could take pictures of myself mid read so you can see for yourselves the look of sheer joy on my face when I'm enjoying a scene or when something happens when I knew it would and I'm shouting at an empty room "I knew it!!!" All things I did this morning when on the final chapters of this gorgeous new book from Virginia Heath. 

The Disgraceful Lord Gray is the third book in The Kings Elite Series and thankfully there is a fourth. Virginia has once again nailed it with a book series that captures your heart and keeps you wanting more. This time it's with a group of spies who are all utterly charming and who will well and truly sweep you off your feet. Or as I'm currently dreaming about, have their loyal companion knock you off your feet into a brook, where only seconds ago they saw you in all your naked glory swimming in the cool, refreshing water...

... ahem lets get back on topic. Although, Lord Gray does prove quite the distraction. His story is one that will have you saying "just one more chapter" to yourself over and over, even when you know you should be getting ready, or going to work, or going to bed. Trust me you won't want to do any of that, you will just want to sit and read and enjoy his and Thea's story unfold. I did and I could go back and read it all over again. They had such wonderful chemistry, which was so beautiful to witness. I loved their flirting and their playful banter so much. The whole book had a very playful vibe to me and I just ate it up. It was funny, it was romantic, it was sexy, it was everything. 

On top of Lord Gray and Thea's blossoming friendship and romance, there was Gray's mission to uncover and that kept me on my toes. I was in suspense every time Gray had to try and be a spy when Thea was in close proximity and by the end, as everything was unravelling, that was when I was smiling like a loon and shouting at my walls. It was so brilliantly executed. I felt like giving Virginia a round of applause as each chapter ended! 

Everything about this book gets 10 stars from me. I honestly would read it again in a heartbeat. I can't wait to read book four, not only because I want to read more about The Kings Elite, but because I don't want to say goodbye to Lord Gray, Lord Millcroft and Lord Flint yet either. It's too heartbreaking to even consider. 

Happy Reading!

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