Ciao For Now and Giveaway News!

Today's post is short and sweet. Just a little message to say that will be away for a week as we go on holiday tomorrow to see family in Italy! 

We're heading to Praiano for five nights, which will be the longest we've stayed in Praiano since we were kids, and while we are super excited to take in the beautiful scenery and bathe in the peacefulness, we are also a little anxious. Why? Well, it's also the first time we are going without our Mum, Auntie or Uncle, which means it's totally up to us to get by with the language. Our Aunties, Uncle and cousins there don't speak any English, so it's pretty much now or never to go for it and practice as best we can. We will let you know how it went when we get back! 

It will be so much fun though as we're there for Holy week; the week leading up to Easter. We cannot wait to see all the pretty Easter eggs and to bake with our Auntie Rosetta. We love Italy during Easter time (and pretty much every time of year) but Easter makes us think about the time when we were twelve and we visited with our Grandad. We can picture him now outside the church chatting to his friends while we carried branches with cheese dangling from them in a parade - we know we've spoken about that before somewhere. Ahhh memories! :) 

We look forward to sharing stories and pictures with you for the #DolceVitaBloggers when we get back. 

Giveaway News!! 


I, Lucy, couldn't take a trip to Italy without thinking of doing a special giveaway for you all. I have been so beyond grateful for all the love and support I have received with 'How to Bake a new Beginning' and i'm super excited that when we get back there will be lots of 'The Ingredients for Happiness' fun to share. I'm looking forward to editing this week while enjoying the view of The Amalfi Coast and have no doubt it will bring me a ton of inspiration. But back to the giveaway...

I'm going to be picking up some beautiful Italian treats and Easter goodies while in Italy and to be in for a chance to WIN these goodies i'd love for you to share and tag me in pictures of your copy of 'How to Bake a new Beginning.' It can be any version; the paperback, the audio or the ebook. I've seen so many gorgeous and creative pictures already and it just makes my heart happy when you share them. So be as fun and creative as you like or it can be a picture of you reading it out and about or just a simple picture, whatever you'd like! :) 

This is like a little heads up to look out for our Twitter and Instagram posts as the giveaway will officially open on Friday 19th April. So, get your pictures ready and then you can tag them over on Twitter @theblossomtwins or our Instagram @theblossomtwins, on Friday 19th April! I can't wait to see them! 

I'll be sharing a picture of the prizes when I get back over Easter weekend, so keep your eyes peeled over our social media! :) 

If you haven't got your copy yet and want to be in for a chance to win, you can find it here:

And for USA readers: 'How to Bake a New Beginning.' 

Have an amazing weekend and week ahead!


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