Book Review: The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin.

When Holly Martin gets in touch with you about reading her new book and taking part in her blog tour, the answer is always yes! You may even get so excited that you double book yourself...HA! Get it... double BOOK yourself...okay I may have found that more funny that it actually is but it actually happened! So, today you get two book reviews for two completely different yet amazing books! Enjoy! 


The stunning new story from the bestselling author of The Cottage on Sunshine Beach. A joyously romantic, feel-good summer read. Eva Blue is about to go on a trip of a lifetime, but one adventure she didn't count on was falling in love...
Eva is quite content with her life in London. In her job as a cover designer, she works at home, and often in her cosy pyjamas. She's happy to stay in her safe little world and not explore much outside of it.
She is the opposite of her mum, a free spirit who craved finding adventure and thrills in all corners of the world. But on the day her mum’s will is finalised, Eva finds a list of all the dreams her mum wanted to achieve in her life. Things she never did because she fell pregnant with Eva.
Eva decides these dreams will not go unfulfilled - she is going to be brave and complete them for her mum. As Eva has no experience travelling the world, she hires a guide to go with her on this holiday.
Gorgeous but rude Thor Anderson is not the person she would choose to accompany her on this journey, but somehow she gets stuck with him. As they discover the world together Eva starts to think he might not be as bad as she first thought. She is swept away by Thor's kindness and mischievous sense of humour. But will it be a simple holiday romance or could this wonderful adventure lead to so much more?

My Review.

Firstly, I have to say that I completely fell in love with the cover for The Summer Of Chasing Dreams. It just screams everything that makes me happy: pretty pictures, colour and adventure!

This year myself and Lucy have vowed to say yes to things, things that we may normally say no to because of work schedules or anxiety and fear, so when I read the blurb for Holly's new book it couldn't have sounded more fitting. I was eager to get started and it didn't let me down. Eva was down to earth and genuine, I loved that she was a book cover designer - oh if I could only draw - and that she was independent and self sufficient. She seemed like the kind of girl that's inside us all; happy and content but looking for that little push to do something that scares us, to be a little adventurous and take a walk on the wild side. I related to her a lot throughout the book.

Everything Eva planned sounded incredible. I learnt so much about the experiences you can have in different places, from seeing the Cherry Blossoms in Japan, to staying in a windmill in Amsterdam. I even added some of her bucket list items to mine. Her journey was a roller-coaster ride of excitement and overcoming fears. I felt proud of Eva each time she ticked something off her list, especially when it was something I'd be scared to do myself, like singing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or swimming with sharks. I would love to see the Great Barrier Reef, but I tried something at Disney once that involved ice cold salt water, a snorkel and sharks and lets just say my husband laughs at me every time he recalls the memory! So, it really was empowering to be alongside Eva as she accomplished her goals, knowing that they weren't easy things to do.

Holly's writing is like an injection of happiness into your day. She once said that with all the bad stuff in the world, she enjoys writing about the good stuff; the happy things and love. That stuck with me and every time I read her books, I get that vibe. She writes love in it's sweet, all encompassing, passionate glory, that's not without it's ups and downs, but that leaves you feeling happy, because you should believe, no matter what, that there is always good out there.

Oh and there's also a pretty amazing guy called Thor in this book - picturing Chris Hemsworth wouldn't be much of a stretch of the imagination - Enjoy!!! ;)

Happy Reading!

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