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Monday's book review was for the second book - Unlaced By The Highland Duke - in the brilliant Lochmore Legacy series. Each month I'm catching up with the authors involved in the series to find out more. Today on the blog it's time to chat to Lara Temple!

1. Book number two in The Lochmore Legacy series did not disappoint. I loved it. How did this idea and the characters come about for Unlaced by the Highland Duke ?

Usually my stories start from a scene that pops into my head the story unravels from there, but this was different. Here the seed of the story was planted by Harlequin Mills and Boon. They asked us four authors to collaborate on this series and they gave each of us an outline for the story. Luckily it was general enough that I could take it and run with it. The core of the idea appealed to me – it had a Jane Eyre-ish feel to it, but I decided to play the characters differently, making my plain governess stronger, the intended bride sympathetic and powerful in her own right, and everyone more complex.

2. This book is part of The Lochmore Legacy series, but unlike other series, each of these four books are written by a different author. How did that work for you? Did you all plan each book together or was it very much a separate process? 

I really worried about working with other authors. Writing is such a private process that I didn’t know how I would do it with three other authors, all of which were friends of mine which made it easier and harder. It was a joy working with them but it upped the stakes - I really didn’t want to disappoint them. We received an outline from the publishers but we worked quite closely on details that wove through our stories (from physical descriptions of the castle and surroundings to details of family history and personal characteristics) and that was a great experience. I’d happily work with the three of them again!

Some of the wonderful books by the ladies of The Unlaced Historical Romance group. 

3. When you write do you just write as you go or do you have a lot of notebooks and planning to do first? I imagine you have to research a lot as far as the historical elements go, but do you write down family trees, character profiles etc?

I do a lot of research but I have a sponge-approach. I absorb everything and then give it a good squeeze as I write. I’m not a plotter and that means I let the story take me rather than the other way around. I find that one of the real joys of writing is discovering the story as it comes out of me, rather than trying to direct it. Sometimes that means I hit a wall and have to backpedal which is hard, but it’s still worth it.

4. I found Benneit utterly charming in this book, but he also had vulnerable qualities that only made me fall further under his spell. Where do you find your inspiration for the men in your stories? Do you dream them up or do you pick traits from different people? 

I’m a complete dreamer – like my writing, I discover the hero as I write him. I watch him react to situations and he just comes to life and his behaviours very quickly becomes consistent with the kind of man he is, though I always try to push him into revealing more, challenge him to challenge himself. I think they are all aspects of men I’d like to have in my life but I never model them on anyone I know, not in looks or character. They are wholly mine (until I share them with the world).

5. You predominately write Historical/Regency romance, but do you ever think about writing for other genres? 

Absolutely. I just wrote a contemporary short story for Love In Bloom, a short story anthology where all the proceeds go to breast cancer research. I loved writing it and am writing another one now. I also love writing romantic mysteries and am writing one set in the 1920s about a journalist, a chemist, and a not-so-mad doctor. But historical romance will always be one of my favourite genres.

6. How long does it take you to write your stories? Do you ever have more than one idea going at once?

Since I have little kids and I have other occupations in my life I have to carve out my writing time very carefully and make each writing hour count. It changes according to whatever else is going on in my life (and whether the kids are on vacation!). This year I’ve average a book every three months but that is very hard for me and I have to be careful not to bite off more than I can chew. As for multi-tasking – yes, I often have more than one idea going at once but it can get stressful so I’m trying to be more sensible about how I prioritize them. Sometimes I fantasize about being that writer-in-a-garret, working away without distractions, but since I’m not, I try to make the juggling work.

7. What is next for you? Can you tell us a bit about your next book?

My Sinful Sinclair series kicked off in January with The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge and the next two Sinclair siblings get their stories in July and towards the end of the year. I loved writing about Lucas, Chase, and Sam. I really felt part of their family, their dilemmas, their yearnings and confusions. Each one of them is very distinct but they are all reacting to their family’s damaged background, they’ve all found some way of coping in a world that is wary of them, and I take each one through a journey or quest that leads them to well-earned HEA.

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely interview. Keep your eyes peeled for the next book in the Lochmore Legacy series soon.


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