Book Review: Recipes For Happiness by The Happy Pear.

I discovered The Happy Pear a few months ago on Instagram and have been following them and their stories ever since. The biggest reason for this is because you cannot watch them without smiling and feeling happy! Plus, they are twins who are kicking ass, so immediately I was just like yay #TwinPower!
This book is their third cookbook and it is absolutely beautiful.

The Blurb.

Though they have written two No 1 bestselling vegetarian cookbooks, David and Stephen Flynn, the twins behind the Happy Pear caf├ęs and food business, know it can be challenging to juggle everything and still feel inspired! And being busy dads themselves they also know the pressure of getting delicious healthy meals on the table every day.
So Recipes for Happiness is very close to their hearts. And it does what it says on the cover: it is crammed with recipes to make you happier - including a huge section of economical easy dinners that can be rustled up in 15 minutes (chickpea tikka masala, thai golden curry, one-pot creamy mushroom pasta); gorgeous hearty dishes (goulash, Greek summer stew, an ingenious one-pot lasagne that's cooked the hob); a selection of plant-based alternatives to family favourites (burgers, hotdogs, nuggets, kebabs), and irresistible treats (summer fruit bakewell tart, double choc brownie cake).
For nearly 15 years David and Stephen's mantra has been Eat More Veg!. They have seen fads come and go and they know that what works - for themselves, their families and the thousands of people who eat the Happy Pear way. Cook from Recipes for Happiness and you too will definitely be well on the way to making your life healthier and happier!

My Review.

I haven't bought a cookbook in quite a while, mainly because we don't use them all that often and we still have quite a lot from our younger years, so if we want to bake something specific we know where to look. However, upon my discovery of David and Stephen Flynn, I couldn't resist. Their attitude to life and food is infectious and when I saw this on amazon I thought I must get it. I'm so happy I did because like I mentioned above, it's beautiful. 

You know when you look at people and you just think "What beautiful, lovely people?" Well I think that's a very special thing and that's exactly what I think when I watch The Happy Pear's daily Instagram stories and read what they have to say in their photo captions. They are people who are putting nothing but LOVE and GOOD VIBES out there and I absolutely admire them for it. Each day when I see them running into the freezing sea or doing morning yoga in their cafe it inspires me to get things done and have a positive, productive day. We all need people like that in our lives, so I'm very glad I found them.

As for the cookbook, dare I say BEAUTIFUL again?! ;) No, it's a brilliant book that captures the heart of The Happy Pear. The photos are stunning; all set outside in nature, which I think is a fantastic touch. The recipes all look incredible and I cannot wait to try them. We've really been getting into eating a more vegetable based diet, so it's lovely to have some new recipes to try and different ones too, that we wouldn't normally think of putting together. The recipes are all set out in a very easy to follow manner and all of the instructions sound exactly like David and Stephen are talking to you in your kitchen, which I think is great. We will definitely be sharing pictures on Instagram of recipes we try so stay tuned! 

Ooh another aspect we both love is that it's smaller in size than your average cookbook. We've always wanted our cookbook to be more compact, so when we opened this we were just beaming at how cute and pretty it is. It's perfect and looks wonderful on my coffee table! I highly recommend it!

Happy Reading and Cooking!