Book review: Snowday by B.R.Maycock

I've been super excited lately when I get to steal some time in the day to disappear into my TBR pile. I honestly have a long list of Authors whose books I am eager to devour. Today, I am finally getting around to sharing this wonderful read from Bernadette Maycock.


Sometimes hot cocoa just isn’t enough to keep you warm in the snow...

Eloise is too busy juggling the chaos of three kids, an ever present ex-husband and a demanding boss to even remember the last time dating crossed her mind.

But as soft snow falls silently all around, romance twinkles with the flakes.

After being single for so long, Eloise suddenly has a lot of choices. Too many choices. Will anyone be worthy of melting the guard around her heart to let love in?

My Review:

It's always wonderful coming across new Authors to add to your TBR pile. I'm very grateful to Bernadette Maycock for kindly gifting me a copy of this lovely read and for introducing me to her stories. 

'Snowday' was such a heartwarming read. To me our leading lady Eloise was very real. She was frazzley, nervous, cute and put together all at the same time. I truly felt her trying to navigate all the different parts of her life. I could feel her heartbreak, her joys and her moments of what will be will be. I had to admire her when it came to looking after her three children. She had such a loving and beautiful relationship with them all. I found myself enjoying their banter with each other the most; which was a mixture of pulling at your heartstrings, humor and sarcasm. The kids were really awesome.

It's very touching to be on the journey with Eloise as she starts thinking about meeting men again after dealing with her separation from her husband. Her interactions with the new men in her life are fun and laugh out loud and honestly has you rooting for Eloise the whole time. She's very much herself which is such a sweet thing. You really want her to have a good time and for someone to take care of her for once.

I adored how independent Eloise was, though at times I wanted to dive into the book and give her a helping hand. She was such a hard worker and did her best to take care of everyone and though her ex-husband had his good traits he was frustrating at times and I really wanted to care for Eloise and was cheering her on to be more bold and stand up for herself. However, it was lovely to see her grow and learn from her ex-husband too and see her be a little kinder to him in order to help their relationship and family life.

I enjoyed the warm and humorous encounters with the different men and also Eloise's interactions with her friends. They all had their opinions on her love life, but I loved it when she followed her heart and ultimately had to learn what was right for her and what she wanted.

'Snowday' is a gorgeous read with a whole lot of heart.

Pick up your copy of 'Snowday' today! 

Happy reading.

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