A Taste of Manchester.

Last week was our Birthday week and we had three rules - Say yes to new experiences. Go with the flow. And have fun! We wanted to make the most of the week, because I (Kelly) had a week off work and instead of booking a holiday we were looking forward to family time, cooking with Nanna and making little trips around town. We booked a taster Snowboarding session for our Birthday on Monday, which covered the 'new experiences' and it was AMAZING!! We've found our new calling in life; catch you on the slopes! 

We also planned little trips to Manchester with friends. We never really venture there too often, but knew there were so many places we would love; thanks to Instagram food snaps and blogger friends. It just so happened that we got a collaborative blog opportunity during our birthday week and spending money that was kindly gifted by Hotels.com. All views on the following places are our own. This couldn't have been more perfect, so thank you very much Hotels.com. We chose to 'go with the flow' on our day out and found some really great places that we will definitely be visiting again. We highly recommend all of them and if you don't happen to live near here there are plenty of lovely Hotels in Manchester that would make the trip worth while. 

The picture at the very top of this page is from Black Milk Cereal. It used to be in Afflecks palace but has since moved to it's own little building. The decor inside was simplistic but cosy and really, really cute. We'd seen Black Milk on Instagram a while ago and have had it on our must visit list for months, so it was fun to finally go. The 'freakshake' was delicious and the prices were reasonable too. Lucy and I shared this brownie shake, but they also do regular ones if you want your own and the waffles looked good too! 

Next stop was Salvi's, which is a tomato and mozzarella bar, but also has a little Italian shop and Deli attached. Now when you love all things Italian like us, and are in need of authentic Italian products, this place is a lifesaver! You know we squealed. No matter how many times we have seen a bag of biscotti there is always squealing involved. Salvi's has everything, including the new limited edition pink Baci that we thought we'd never find! It has a range of products all shipped from Italy and even though it's small we could have spent hours in there plotting recipes and just staring at the array of goodness. We picked up pizza flour too for an Italian themed night we were having; which was so much better than trying to find it online. We absolutely adore this place. 

Isn't this cake just the prettiest thing? This is from Teacup Cafe, a place we'd actually heard about from one of the children at work; who came to nursery one day telling us all about the giant rainbow cake he'd had on the weekend. It was very tasty, totally instagrammable and went perfect with a Macchiato. Teacup is usually bustling with people every time we go past, but we managed to get a table on a Thursday afternoon. It's bigger inside than we thought and is so cute and warm. We thoroughly enjoyed tucking into this delicious cake while discussing mature topics (we're thirty-one now) with our friend, Sam. 

Manchester is our home sweet home... which is why this next spot seemed like an excellent choice for brunch with friends. Home Sweet Home very much has a diner vibe to it, which gets huge brownie points from us. It has a little bar area, a gorgeous looking cake counter and serves tasty $5 shakes! The food we chose was simple, light, affordable and so flavourful. I had two poached eggs on sourdough bread with bacon and Lucy had avocado on sourdough, there was not a crumb left. Home Sweet Home has a relaxed atmosphere which made it feel like we could have stayed in there chatting for hours. We will definitely be taking our little sister next time we visit. 

Last but not least we went to Ezra and Gil Coffee Provisions. We loved the look and feel of this place; wooden and very rustic, with chalkboard signs and little flowers on the table. It's easily a place we could stay in all day while planning blog posts, thinking up ideas and writing together. We sat on a small bar table, looking out onto the streets of the Northern Quarter people watching over an Iced Latte and Iced Chai Tea. It was a wonderful way to end our day of 'fun' in Manchester.

All of these places we will happily visit again. We had so much fun on our day out. Great food, cool drinks and a Taste of Italy all in our hometown! 

Have you been to any of these places?

Happy Monday!

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