Book Review: 'Felicity Found' by Lara Ward Cosio.

I was smiling just writing the title for this post, because, well, I literally jump for joy when Lara Ward Cosio has a new book out. I don't know if you have heard me say this before, but, I LOVE THE ROGUE SERIES!!!! I love, love, love it and I couldn't wait to dive in to Felicity's journey.


I am a fortunate person. I have had great disappointments in life that have been overshadowed by even greater blessings - that includes my husband, world-renowned rock guitar god, Conor Quinn, and our two beautiful babies. 

So, why does everything feel so off? 

My wife is slapdash and barely has her head above water but she still makes it all work, despite how she tears herself down over not being perfect. I think she’s an amazing mother. Until I come home one night to find her in a rare state. 

How am I going to fix her?

My Review.

Throughout the Rogue Series I have adored Felicity. She's independent, feisty and keeps Conor on his toes and I was thrilled when they got together a few books back. (Check out 'Playing at Love'  for where it all started for Conor and Felicity.) In 'Felicity Found' we pick up with Con and Felicity not long after they got married. They are navigating married life with the new addition of two tiny babies and it isn't exactly smooth sailing for Felicity. She has dreamt of being a Mum forever, but didn't think it was possible. Now she has two babies and is having a tough time understanding the negative emotions that has come with something she positively wished for for so long. It doesn't help that Conor is busy in the studio with Rogue, Sophie seems to have everything together with her brood and her Dad is being a jerk.

'Felicity Found' is such a raw and emotional read. I completely zone out when reading Lara's books and get sucked into the story and the characters like I have to be there for them if they need me. The emotions that Felicity goes through will pull at your heartstrings and have you rooting for her from the first page. It's so real, so honest and so powerful that I couldn't put it down.

I feel like part of the Rogue family now, so I loved dipping back into their world. It was wonderful to catch up with the other members of the band and see how they were all doing. The relationship between the Rogue boys always makes me smile and I was happy that they were still such a tight knit group; their loyalty still going strong, but not without their playful banter.

I very much enjoyed how there was a beautiful balance between Felicity reaching out to others for help and figuring out how to better communicate with Conor, while also wanting to learn and grow on her own. When she goes on a little vacation at the end I admit I worried and felt for Conor, but you must read this wonderful book in order to see how that plays out in such a beautiful way that really touched me. It wasn't just the friendships and romantic relationships that got me this time with this book, but the relationships between parents and their children that really got me.

Lara is fantastic. I highly recommend 'Felicity Found' and the entire Rogue series!

Happy reading

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