You've got mail: Paperless Post!

Last weekend we had a lovely Sunday morning sat at the computer together designing cards and notes for our friends and family. Now, we're very big on hand written notes and we love sending cards and parcels to let people know we are thinking of them. However, we must admit that sometimes life gets a little hectic and a trip to the post office can get forgotten. 

So, when Paperless Post got in touch with us about trying out their services, we were genuinely excited to check them out. We sat with a little notepad writing down our friends and families emails and then we got to work. We were like little kids having a look at the different designs that would either make them laugh or fit something they like. Honestly it was so much fun.

I (Kelly) sent this 'just because' card to my husband; who is currently back in America until he hears back about his U.K visa. It made him smile when he got it and it made me happy because even though we talk all the time, it just felt like something a bit different and unexpected. The emails show up with the cards in envelopes and open up when you click on them, which we think is too cute! Plus you can add stamps and customize the envelopes, as well as the card colours. 

They have so many pretty designs from dogs and pizza to coffee cups and flowers. We enjoyed having a look at all of them to find the perfect fit for our friends. The website is easy to use and the emails are straightforward to send. You can even schedule emails for specific days. I'm already thinking about getting one ready for Valentines Day! 

Have you tried something like this before or are you a letter writing person? To be honest, like we mentioned earlier we love nothing more than sending handwritten cards and letters, but we really, really liked this. We are always on our computers blogging, writing, organizing social media etc, so to spend fifteen minutes doing something that would be a nice surprise for our friends and family to receive, even if it was just to say hello, was wonderful to us. 

We will definitely be using the site again! Thank you Paperless post for gifting us some coins to use.

Have a great day!


  1. This is such a cool idea, and love that it still opens like normal paper mail! Will have to check them out :) Tania Michele xx

    1. It really is so cute Tania! You'll have to let us know if you try it! :) xx