Book Review: The Viscount's Veiled Lady by Jenni Fletcher.


I've been waiting for this book since I found out Lance Amberton had a twin in Captain Amberton's Inherited Bride.  (Which I still feel has one of the most beautiful book covers ever!) As soon as Arthur Amberton made his surprise return home I knew I had to read his story and I'm pretty certain I read it in about three days!! 


A lady hidden from society
A viscount with his own secrets…
When Frances Webster meets brooding Arthur Amberton on Whitby shore he’s a different man from the dashing young gentleman she once carried a flame for. But life has changed her too. After a tragic accident left her scarred, physically and emotionally, she’s led a solitary life. She cherishes their new friendship, and yet she can’t help but hope Arthur sees the beauty within her…

My Review.

As a twin it's quite exciting to read about other twins, maybe because I've only met a handful my age in real life, even at thirty, or maybe it's just because there is an added element that I can relate to in the story. Either way it's fun, it makes me feel a stronger connection to the characters. I've read a couple of stories with twin girls in, but this was my first story with that brother bond and I adored it. 

From the moment Arthur made his rather abrupt return to Amberton Castle I could feel how close he and Lance were. I got a sense of happiness at being reunited and I could tell they were twins that stuck together and always had each other's backs. I was right! In Arthur's story, Lance is never too far away to offer a helping hand, words of wisdom or a kick up the backside to get Arthur to do the right thing. All of these moments had me grinning from ear to ear and gave the story extra warmth and love. Being so close to my twin, as well as, my other brother and sister, I love it when siblings are done right. I get that they can argue, but ultimately I prefer it when you can feel the family bond and a lot of love! I'm one of the lucky ones!

As for this story itself, I was sucked in so quickly. I was even telling my Mum, when I was three chapters in, how much I love Jenni Fletcher because her books just give me a sense of contentment when I pick them up. I know her writing is going to calm me and make me happy. A bold statement to make maybe but a very, very true one and I'm never wrong about it! ;) 

Frances' character was so sweet and touching. I hated that she had resigned herself to a life of hiding behind a veil and feeling as though she would never be wanted. To see her friendship with Arthur blossom and to know that he made her feel comfortable enough to not want her veil made me love Arthur even more and made me happy for Frances. She deserved someone as kind and as caring as Arthur and he needed someone who was going to make him see the good in people again and to enjoy life. They were a perfect fit. They also both had these bold, spontaneous moments that I loved and the way they spoke to each other was beautiful. Arthur was just the right amount of charming and flirty with Frances but still so down to earth and real with her, which I found made his flirting extra sexy and cute at the same time!

The Viscount's Veiled Lady was an absolute joy to read. I was immersed in life at Amberton Castle and am sad to leave The Amberton Brothers behind. I could read about them both all day every day! If you're a lover of historical romance or are looking to pick one up for a change then you cannot go wrong with Jenni Flecther. I highly recommend her! 

Happy Reading!

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