Book Review: The Uncompromising Lord Flint by Virginia Heath.


I need a minute to gather my thoughts with this one, seriously, I don't even know where to begin. I feel like in my mind most of my Virginia Heath reviews should just go something like this: Virginia Heath - BUY HER BOOKS! But I know you need more information than that, so while you read the blurb, I shall round up the thoughts in my head!


Imprisoned by her past

Set free by her enemy!
Part of The King’s Elite. Charged with high treason, Lady Jessamine Fane is under the watchful eye of icily calm Lord Peter Flint. It's a task this spy won’t be swayed from, no matter how alluring his prisoner! Only it’s not long before Flint realises that tenacious Jess hides a lifetime of pain. With so much at stake, can he afford to take a chance on their powerful attraction?

My Review.

Virginia Heath is the queen of writing brilliant men, in series that I devour. Every book number one I read, leads me skipping into book two, which then leaves me galloping towards book three and so on. Virginia gives me just enough to entice me about the next character she is going to write about in each book, without giving too much away. Case in point, I was curious already about Lord Flint after meeting him in The Mysterious Lord Millcroft. I knew he was going to have quite the story himself and my goodness he did not disappoint! I am a huge fan of Virginia's Wild Warriner's series, but this my friends might just be my favourite story of hers that I've read so far!!!! And I really love my Warriners!

It's that good!! My Mum already has the Warriner books piled next to her bed and for the last few days I have been telling her that she MUST read this book. It has everything and is such an engrossing read from start to finish. There's treason, escape, fighting, spy work, capture, mystery, problem solving, disguise, flirting, anger, hate, love, need I say more?? 

I love having a book to read and feel so lost when I'm not in the middle of one, but you know how there are books that make you feel happy just to be reading, but then there are books that you literally feel HAPPY to be reading and you dive into bed at night just to be in it's crazy, wonderful world again? Well, The Uncompromising Lord Flint is the latter. Lord Flint was this perfect combination of strength, charm, smarts and sex appeal. He was vulnerable but not too vulnerable, which I liked. He knew what he was doing and he had his wits about him for the majority of the time, which is what made it all the more exciting for me. He didn't cave straight away to his needs and feelings, he had a job to do, one that he did very well. It gave his story so much suspense and I reveled in it. 

Jessamine was a force to be reckoned with. I admired her tenacity for following through with her plans. My heart broke for what she had been through and even though I was in a constant state of uncertainty over what was going to happen to her (a good thing I assure you) I was desperate to learn the truth about her life and why she found herself in such a mess. As her story unveiled I hoped that she would allow someone to look after her and that she would stop trying to escape. Thank goodness for Lord Flint! 

I honestly cannot say enough great things about book number two in The Kings Elite Series. I was absolutely transfixed by every detail. Buy it, read it, tell all of your friends. It's fantastic! 

Thank you Virginia!

Happy Reading!

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