Book Review: Beauty and The Brooding Lord by Sarah Mallory.


This Christmas was my Christmas of Historical romances. I seemed to have accumulated a pile of them over the month of December, so that was my Christmas reading sorted. It was brilliant. There's something about delving into history that I love and so I was very happy ticking each story off my pile. I've read a couple of Sarah Mallory's stories in the past and find myself deep within them in seconds. 'Beauty and The Brooding Lord' was no different.


Ruined by a rake…

Rescued by the reclusive Baron!

Following the death of his fiancĂ©e, Lord Quinn has sworn off all matters of the heart. But when he happens upon an innocent lady being assaulted his sense of honour insists he step in and rescue her…even if that means marriage to protect Serena’s reputation! However, his new wife remains distant—a stranger to his bed. Can Quinn help Serena fight her demons and finally defeat his own?

My Review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters within it. Lord Quinn and Serena's story had me hooked from start to finish, which meant I couldn't put it down. I loved that Lord Quinn was very strong and protective, yet he didn't seem to take himself too seriously around people he cared about and eventually opened up to. In society people found him rude and unapproachable, which was so far from his true character, yet I enjoyed when he played up to that opinion of him, because it was as if he himself enjoyed being that person so he could live a more peaceful life. These moments were rather humorous to me!

Serena was feisty and at first it felt like she saw herself as invincible and like she could do anything she wanted to, unfortunately when  she makes a mistake that costs her, her reputation and also brings a new fear into her life, she has to learn to accept help and how to put her trust back into people, especially men. She learns that she has to think more carefully about what she is doing and while she still has her wits about her and her confidence grows again, her experiences seem to humble her and make her more aware of herself.

Lord Quinn and Serena together were chemistry and a joy to read. Their story had ups and downs, intrigue, heart and kept me entertained from beginning to end. I would highly recommend it.

Happy Reading!

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