Day 9 - Story Advent Calendar.


Advent Calendar 9th December

Christmas is in the air.
By Kelly Sharpe

When you step through the door, you're hit with a feeling of warmth and love,
It makes you forget anything bad you may have been thinking of.

With a few more steps your senses come alive,
as mouthwatering smells dance around inside.

You head towards them first to see what's cooking,
whether it's dinner or not, it's always worth looking.

The kitchen is small yet the food it makes,
is like magic and happiness, plus there's plenty of cake.

You walk to the living room with the treats you have found,
noticing the back room has Panettone littering the ground.

This makes you smile, it's a Christmas tradition,
no-one leaves empty handed, it's an Italian's mission.

Walking into the front room you are greeted with hugs and kisses,
they out way any Christmas presents or fancy wishes.

The fire is glowing, warming up your face,
as the tinsel sparkles above the fireplace.

The crib in the corner offers comfort, so does the small tree,
as Zecchino D'Oro plays on the TV.

You pick your spot and settle in for the evening,
sometimes it's easy here to feel like you're dreaming.

After a few minutes, more treats and alcohol are found,
as the children sing - such a beautiful sound.

There's chatter, happy faces and joy when you're together,
moments like this, you will treasure forever.

No creatures are stirring, not even a mouse,
it's just Christmas time at Nanna and Grandad's house. 


Hope you enjoyed my little poem. I was thinking of what I love most about Christmas time and tried to capture it in writing. :)

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  1. Aww, love this. Made me feel all cosy and Christmassy :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much Jennifer. That makes me happy! :) Kelly xx