Day 21 - Story Advent Calendar.


Advent Calendar 21st December.

The Concert

by Jennifer Knott

T'was the night before The Overtones 
and all through the house
Jenny could be heard squealing 
like a tiny little mouse.

The day had finally arrived.
The night had come
We danced and we sang,
we had so much fun.

But the night drew to an end, 
we returned to our manor,
Jenny found out Kelly was sick,
she couldn't have felt sadder.

A cure, a quick fix
that's all she would need,
perhaps I should regale her with stories
Kelly said 'sure why not?' and happily agreed.

Songs were sung old and new,
Lovely conversation said in between,
four wonderful people on stage
or so it would seem.

Suddenly Mike had an urgent phone call
we waited with anticipation,
Then Timmy's face appeared on screen,
we all jumped up with elation.

We sang 'Overtoneseoki'
and sang it with glee,
whilst Darren, Mike, Mark and Lachie
Rocked around a tree.

There was a segment with presents
oh Kelly it was so funny
But I shall explain in greater detail,
sit back, don't worry.

Darren got a fish
Lachie got an Overtones CD,
Mike got used socks
and Mark got a pine cone off the tree.

Dirty dancing was second to last 
and they ended with the Four Seasons.
Keg, they are the best band ever ,
I love them for all my above reasons.

I hope you're feeling better,
You're rested and had sweet dreams,
if not, cheer up 
The Overtones said they'll be back in 2017!

This poem says it all really, but our sister Jen wrote it back in 2016. We were in American and were sad that we weren't going to be home early enough to see The Overtones for Christmas. To top it off I (Kelly) was ill that night. Waking up to this made me feel so much better and put a huge smile on my face. Jen is hilarious and we love her so much.

Happy Reading and if you haven't listened to The Overtones yet, what are you waiting for?? They are the best! 

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