Book Review: The Warrior's Bride Prize by Jenni Fletcher.


Every time I pick up a book by Jenni Fletcher and I read her short biography at the front, I feel incredibly inspired. It makes me happy that no matter how many jobs Jenni had before, or how many years she got distracted by reading instead of writing, the fact that she eventually did put her stories down on paper, means you should never give up on your dreams. There is no time frame on achieving them, you just have to do it. Do you know why I can tell you that with 100% certainty? Because Jenni Fletcher was meant to write books. One way or another she had to get pen to paper, because we’re all better off for it. Honestly, my other thought is usually “Why did it take her so long, she’s so flipping good?!” ;p 

You should be very excited about Jenni’s latest book, ‘The Warrior’s Bride Prize.’ Here’s more about it.

The Blurb.

Daughter of a slave…
…wedded to the warrior!
Livia Valeria is furious when she’s ruthlessly gambled away by her intended bridegroom. Luckily, it’s tall, muscled and darkly handsome Roman centurion Marius Varro who wins her as his bride! Livia must hide her Caledonian roots, but when Marius faces a barbarian rebellion at Hadrian’s Wall she must make a choice: her heritage or the husband she’s falling for…

My Review.

When I mentioned above that Jenni is so flipping good, I cannot tell you just how much without hand gestures and a huge smile on my face…or if you would like to imagine it, my happy little book dance. I’m supposed to be able to describe to you just how good she is, but honestly, most of the time, books that are this good are all about the feelings they evoke and they just need to be read. I’m fully aware of how many times I’ve used the word good already, but just so we’re clear, it’s really, really good. In fact, it’s more than good, it’s brilliant!

I love Jenni’s historical notes at the beginning of the book, because from someone who loves history, but isn’t the best at retaining loads of historical information, I enjoy learning about past events that I may or may not have forgotten about from school. I find it very cool reading fiction, knowing that certain events were true and often try to imagine what it would feel like to have lived in another time. Anyone else do that?

I was hooked on ‘TheWarrior’s Bride Prize,’ very early on. I believe Livia had only said one word to Marius and I was a goner. It was one of those pause to look at the wall kind of moments, because I knew I was smitten with Marius and he hadn’t even said a full sentence yet! How does Jenni do that?? I also really loved the name Livia!

Livia and Marius’s story was bewitching and thrilling. I couldn’t wait to get a few minutes to myself to read and when I did my mind was solely on the words in front of me. This was definitely a book that made me feel like I’d escaped from the real world for a few hours. There was sadness, heartbreak, kindness, love and so much excitement, there was just not a dull moment at all!

Jenni Fletcher is definitely one of my favourite authors, her writing is fantastic and her stories suck me in every time. If you’re a fan of historical/medieval romance, she should most certainly be on your bookshelf!

Happy Reading!

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