Mangia: Pandoro French Toast.

It's that time of year again when our Nanna and Grandad's living room floor is littered with boxes of Pandoro and Panettone, and it goes without saying, we adore it!!! Every year our Nanna gives us one each and every year we pretty much demolish the one we have been gifted all by ourselves. Yes, that is how much we love this cake.

But if there's one way we like to share the Pandoro love, it's by cutting it into slices and whipping up some 'Italian' French toast for our family. It's perfect for a cosy boxing day morning or a lazy Sunday brunch.


1 Italian Pandoro cake. (You can find these in pretty much every supermarket now.)
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk

What to do:

Slice your Pandoro across so it forms a star shaped slice. (Cut as many slices as you would like. You may need to mix in another egg and a drop more milk depending on how many you cut. Ours coated two slices.)

In a wide and deep bowl, mix your eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla. (When it comes to the vanilla and cinnamon we tend to add as much as we feel to taste; a teaspoon plus extra.)

Place butter in your frying pan and make sure the bottom of the pan is nice and coated and hot.

Dip your Pandoro slices in to your milk mix and fry on both sides until golden.

Plate and dust with powered sugar. Serve with toppings of your choosing; we love syrup and whipped cream or you can spread with Nutella or drizzle with lemon and sugar. 

What's your favourite holiday breakfast?

Buon Appetito.

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