Book Review: Love Rekindled at Christmas. Charity Anthology.

You know me and my Historical Romances. I say yes to any chance I get to read them and am so happy that I was introduced to their world. There's something about them that's warm, cosy and inviting; that makes me curl up and relax and forget about everything else I may be overthinking about. 
When offered the chance to read a Historical romance anthology how on earth could I turn it down? The answer: I couldn't and I'm so grateful to have read it.

This book boasts five amazing authors, all with five wonderfully enchanting stories. Here's more about it: 


Charity Anthology: All 2018 proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
Christmas is a time for rekindling love in five new historical romance novellas. These couples will be sheltering from blizzards and hiding in wardrobes, reuniting with old flames, stealing mistletoe kisses, and falling in love. Passions are reignited by Snapdragon, a fiery Regency party game, but who will receive the best Christmas present of all-a happy ending? Immerse yourself in the romance, snow-covered landscapes, and blazing hearths of a heart-warming, sensual, Regency Christmas.

This is feel-good reading at its best: happily ever after for you and help for women in need.

My Review

Firstly, I'll give you a list of the authors:

Elizabeth Keysian
E. Elizabeth Watson
Eve Pendle
Diana Lloyd
Evelyn Isaacks

I was only familiar with Eve Pendle at the time of reading, but I am certainly going to be looking out for the other ladies too. I was absolutely immersed in each story and loved having this wonderful collection in my hands. It was a gift that kept on giving, as I finished one story and went right into another. 

I adored the stories and how they were all based on young love and love that got away. Reuniting at Christmas time made it feel extra magical and heartwarming. I could picture the scenes in my head, the houses, the Christmas decorations, the outfits. Each story was so beautifully written in that sense. 

Forgive me for not talking about each story individually. I read them all back to back so I just have this huge sense of happiness for every one and I admit to being rather terrible about remembering every detail. One of the things I did love that was a theme throughout was the game of Snapdragon. I was well and truly fascinated by it and loved that it was a tradition at this time because all of the characters knew what it was. This was the first time I have heard about it and I was amazed learning about the dangerous game. I don't think it would be allowed today. You'd have to let me know, if you know! All of the games in the stories were very interesting to me, because they were so simple, but all of the adults played them, like hiding until people find you, but then as they find you they have to hide with you. Am I the only person who had never played this? 

I can't express how much these family games and the young love in the air captivated the spirit of the holiday. I would have dived into the pages and joined in myself if I could. This book made me feel happy and festive. It's a brilliant addition to your Christmas TBR pile. I honestly can't recommend it enough. Plus, all proceeds from purchasing it go to planned parenthood. 

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Happy Reading!

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