Book Review: Love and Lies at the Village Christmas Shop by Portia MacIntosh.


There’s something about Portia MacIntosh that makes me feel like, over the years of reading her books, that I’m her best friend! It could be the fact that her stories stay with me and while I’m reading them I always feel like I have made a kick ass new friend, or that she never lets me down with her books, or that her writing always speaks to me, or the fact that she always has me in stitches, I can’t quite pinpoint it exactly, so let’s just say it’s a combination of all these reasons and probably a couple more too.

Her latest book  'Love and Lies at the Village Christmas Shop' was no exception to Portia’s rule…


Blast the Michael Bublé, wrap your hands around a cinnamon latte and enjoy this warm, hilarious Christmas novel!
Ivy loves Christmas. As owner of Christmas Every Day, the year-round festive store, you'd expect nothing less!
The only thing missing in Ivy's life is a dash of romance – something her twin sister Holly will not let her forget…
When her mother passed away, Ivy vowed to take over the running of her mother’s store and keep the Christmas spirit alive in the idyllic seaside town of Marram Bay.
But all this changes when an enigmatic businessman moves to the town, threatening to bulldoze her beloved shop to make way for a holiday complex.
Can Ivy save her shop before Christmas? Could there be a different side to the newest resident of Marram Bay that would make all her Christmas wishes come true?

 My Review.

One thing that hit me like cold air to the face in winter, was the undeniable warmth of Christmas time. Yes, it’s a Christmas book, set in a Christmas shop, so I know that’s what was to be expected, however, that didn’t give it an automatic festive pass! Portia’s writing and descriptions of Marram Bay and Ivy’s Christmas shop were so detailed and brilliant, that I literally felt as snug as a pig in a blanket in the middle of a Christmas feast! Am I trying too hard with the Christmas references? Probably! Moving on…It really is a book that completely immersed me in the Christmas spirit and I read it at the start of October! I couldn’t wait to pick it up and sit behind the counter of ‘Christmas Every Day,’ with Gaz to watch customers faces light up as they picked out the perfect Christmas decorations. I could picture it so vividly in my mind.

I loved Holly and Ivy’s relationship too (as well as their names.) I worried at first that because they were so different growing up and even as adults, that they wouldn’t be very close or that the story was going to see them fighting over their Mum’s shop, so I was very happy to see they had a great relationship. As a Twin myself and one who is extremely close to her twin sister, I couldn’t imagine it any other way, so I was glad about that.

The story itself was thoroughly entertaining. I loved Ivy as a person and again found a new best friend. I found Seb intriguing and enjoyed getting to know him. I loved Holly and her family and I one hundred percent adored getting wrapped up in all things Christmas. It’s my absolute favourite time of the year and I think Portia did a fantastic job of making the magic of Christmas time twinkle off the pages!

Happy Reading!


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