Book Review: Second Chance at The Ranch by Maxine Morrey.

Be prepared for me to gush, gush and gush some more when it comes to 'Second Chance at The Ranch' by the wonderful Maxine Morrey. But first let me introduce you to this beautiful read with the blurb and a little more info from Amazon:


It’s never too late for a second chance at love in this uplifting and warm-hearted romance.

It’s never too late to find love…
When Juliet Scott falls for ruggedly handsome Pete while away travelling, she never imagines how different her life will be to that of her sister, successful and beautiful model Hero. Based on a cattle station in the vast Australian Outback, Juliet’s life is now simple, down-to earth and honest, and the perfect antidote to the chaotic celebrity lifestyle that Hero leads in the UK.
With her striking brunette hair, perfect posture, and mesmerising green eyes, it is no wonder Hero has come so far in such a superficial industry. But when tragedy strikes, Hero finds herself in the arms of her sister, recuperating from a terrible accident on the other side of the world.
With her modelling career in tatters, and her scars more than just skin deep, Juliet worries that Hero will hide behind the mask she wears forever. But does Australia have something, or someone, to offer that London never could?

My Review.

Where do I start? When I put this book down, I immediately wanted to run away to Australia and find this cattle station and this beautiful family and move in with them. Oh, the ranch simply sounded amazing. I absolutely adore the family aspect of this book, from Hero and Juliet to Pete and Nick; they all take care of each other and it is all about family and working as a team each and every day. The setting of the vast Australian outback is stunning and homey and cosy and I could feel it's calmness and the serenity that it provided for our leading lady, Hero. The idea of enjoying nature and being surrounded by your loved ones, away from the mad hustle and bustle of life sounded perfect and instantly drew me in. 

Maxine captured the sister bond between Juliet and Hero beautifully. They each have their own lives, in Australia and London respectively, but they are always their for each other and wanting to take care of the other. You can feel how important family is to them. Maxine's writing is warm and inviting, it honestly made my heart fill with love. Juliet is such a wonderful character. I adored how tough she is and how she looks after everyone around her. She is the more outgoing out of the two sisters and doesn't take crap from anyone. She is awesome. 

From the first chapter I fell head over heals for Hero. There is just something so special, sweet and heartwarming about her and I love her. I was rooting for her through this entire story and really just wanted to be her best friend. I love how she remains so pure in such a cut throat world and after all the terrible things she has experienced. It broke my heart that she kept herself quite guarded. I admit there were times I got impatient with her when I wanted her to stop running and believe in herself and how lovable she is. I just wanted to lift her up and say 'you are everything', but she gets there in the end, with the help of the awesome Nick and her family. Also with Hero, there is a beautiful sense of letting things be. Although, with this story, she learns what she has to fight for and when she must stand up for herself and not simply fade into the backdrop, there is just something very powerful about the timing of things and being a calm force in a negative and whirlwind situation. Hero truly inspired me.

I love Nick and his brother, Pete. Again, just how close they are as a family, made me grin from ear to ear. Nick comes across rather rough around the edges and rugged and picturing him working on the ranch was more than welcomed every time I picked up this book. I adore how much he cares for Hero and enjoyed how their relationship blossomed. They are from two very different worlds but their connection was nothing short of beautiful and made me swoon. Pete and Juliet's relationship was another joy to read. Honestly, that companionship and being there for the other person, making compromises, putting family first, looking after the other person and loving them through everything, just tugged at my heartstrings.

This story will keep you on your toes and turning the page. It is an absolute wonderful read from Maxine Morrey that inspired me so much.

Pick up your copy today: 'Second Chance at the Ranch.'

Happy reading!


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