"How to Bake a New Beginning" Sabrina's Playlist!

I can't believe it's only a week away until my debut novel 'How to Bake a New Beginning' is published. I'm not sure its actually sunk in yet, it doesn't quite feel real, but I am a mixture of bubbly nerves and excitement none the less.

This week in the build up to publication day, I thought it would be fun to let you have a nosy at Sabrina's Playlist! Sabrina is the middle sister who works in LA as an Artist manager. She is currently in charge of San Francisco Beat, one of the worlds biggest bands. San Francisco Beat are a mix of that Augustana, Ray LaMontagne sound with an energy and charisma that meets the One Direction boys goofing around on stage. That's how I see them in my head. Lead singer Dan is quite the enigma and has a mystery about him, but he has charm and likes to engage with the crowds. Drummer Levi and Guitarist James are the loud, silly type that like to have fun, and Bassist Dylan is a wonderful mix of the three of them, just a little more toned down.

Sabrina loves all music. Musicians are her favourite, hence her love for her boys San Francisco Beat, but she loves some good pop bands that can have her smiling and feeling upbeat.

Sabrina's Playlist! 

John Lennon
Johnny Cash (The rawness and the sound draws her in.)
Whitney Houston
Bob Dylan
Tom Petty
Ray LaMontagne (Just him and a guitar and you can feel every word. It's magic to Sabrina.)
Mick Jagger
Band of horses
Bon Iver

Harry Styles
Ed Sheeran (He writes such beautiful romance songs, she can't resist.)
Sam Smith 
Nial Horan
George Ezra (She would definitely be bobbing her head to Shotgun, like the rest of the world.)
Bruno Mars
Pink (The confidence, the voice, Sabrina would love to be a little more badass like Pink.)
Taylor Swift

Little Mix
Katy Perry
Maroon five
Britney Spears (You can't go wrong with a bit of Britney.)
John Legend

What's currently on your playlist?

'How to Bake a New Beginning' is available for pre-order now! :)

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Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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