Book Review: The Summer House of Happiness by Daisy James

Release date: 31st May 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks

Daisy James always makes me smile. I adore her books and The Summer House of Happiness is another one of hers that I can tick off my list and place in the heartwarming, hug a book pile. 
Gabbie Andrews is a perfumer living in France, until one realization in front of the world's leading Perfume house has her packing her bags and heading for her home in Devon. I was immediately drawn to this story simply based off wanting to know more about the world of perfume and how they are created. It intrigued me right from the get go. I love how Gabbie talked about making the perfect perfumes for her customers. I loved her passion.

In addition, I am always sucked in by the small town vibes and the warmth that they bring to a story. Gabbie's home in Devon sounded idyllic. I especially adored that her Dad was a mechanic and had his own garage. This bit of the story was perfect for me, having grown up around cars because of my own Dad, it made for such a fun read. It made me smile so much that Gabbie knew all about cars, admit-tingly way more than me- I do try, and that she wasn't out of place in the garage among the workers. I liked that the garage had been around since she was a little girl and that it was a part of her family and the community. 

Having been away for a little while, Gabbie soon finds out that the garage isn't doing so great, neither is her Dad. She knows she made the right decision in leaving France when it seems there are things to be taken care of at home. Her Dad needs her help to keep the garage a float and to get his health back on track. Gabbie feels a sense of guilt that her being away has allowed her Dad to get in such a state and she is determined to put things right. This part of the story tugged at my heart strings as I could relate to living away from home and that feeling of wanting to make sure everyone is OK when your not there and then wanting to look after everyone and make sure they're OK when you get back. For Gabbie it was especially hard having not long lost her Mum. She has to deal with a lot of her emotions upon returning home, in addition to learning not to run from her past and things that made her happy; like her Summer House of Happiness.

The Summer House of Happiness is Gabbie's little shed at the bottom of her childhood garden. It's there that she spent all her time whipping up potions, bonding with her Mum and growing her passion for enriching people's lives with the most luscious scents. It's not easy for her to step back inside it, knowing that her Mum won't be there with her, but over time she finds the strength to do so and it gives her a real sense of purpose. I truly loved Gabbie going back to basics and really wanting to connect with her customers. I liked that she wasn't governed by the high-flying glamorous jobs in France and that she simply wanted to make others happy with her creations. That was my favourite thing.

Another favourite bit of mine was watching Gabbie and Max's relationship blossom. Gabbie's Dad had failed to mentioned hiring a new mechanic, but when Gabbie meets Max she has zero complaints. I love romance and there's was very cute. I again loved the car aspect of their relationship and that they shared a love of classic cars, it made for some very cool banter. 

The Summer House of Happiness is such a delightful read. It will have you turning the pages desperate to know if Andrew's Auto's can be saved and what on earth caused their finacial problem in the first place. And it will keep you hooked as to if Gabbie will follow her dreams or succumb to another tempting offer with a prestigious perfume brand in France once more. 

Happy reading!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful review - thank you so much Lucy. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Gabbie's story! Love Daisy xx

    1. Aww it was so lovely Daisy! I thoroughly enjoyed it! :) xx