Book Review: Six Weeks With A Lord by Eve Pendle.

Release Date: 25th June 2018
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Twitter: @evependle

Firstly, I must apologize to Eve Pendle, because I've been a little behind with reading this book that she so kindly sent me. I finally got round to it though and it was worth the wait! I couldn't put it down! 

Grace Alnott loves her little brother more than anything,. So when her father dies and leaves him in the hands of a Lord that she doesn't trust one bit and also states in his will that Grace must marry a peer before she can claim her inheritance, Grace isn't left with much time or many options. Major Everett Hetherington seems like the best she's going to get, although his terms and conditions for their marriage of convenience aren't exactly what Grace had in mind.

'Six Weeks With A Lord,' kept me entertained from start to finish. I couldn't wait to figure out how Grace was going to save her brother and whether or not Everett was going to help her do so. It kept me on my toes that's for certain and I was so happy with how the story played out.

Grace's character was so endearing because she seemed quite prim and proper, but also knew how, on occasion, to have a little bit of fun. When she allowed her feelings to shine for Everett, she became this lively, happy young woman who had a future to look forward to and be content with. She just had a few fears and obstacles to face before she could fully allow herself to accept it all. There were many traits to love about Grace, one of them being how smart she was with her money and her plans; she wanted her brother back and was going to stick to her guns and do what she had to do to protect him. Another thing was her will power. Grace was attracted to Everett and enjoyed his company, even though she tried not to admit it to herself. Even when she did, just a little, she was adamant that he wouldn't get what he clearly desired, until it was on her terms and she was ready.

Everett was incredibly lovable. Even though he had a big secret he was keeping from Grace, he was honest in his feelings for her and I found him to be very sweet. I adored that he kept his promise about waiting for her to make the first move, it made for some very cute moments between the two of them. Everett was also very thoughtful and acted like a good husband would. Little things like him taking notice that Grace enjoyed reading the paper and him having one for her at breakfast the next day, regardless of the fact that women weren't usually expected to read the paper, warmed by heart. I think you will find it difficult not to fall for him.

If you are looking for a riveting read, with plenty of touching moments then 'Six Weeks With A Lord,' will be perfect for you! Plus the cover is beautiful! <3

Happy Reading!


  1. Great review. Thank you.
    I am a die-hard historical romance fan. I read it and hope to write it someday. Something about the romance of the past just gets to me, you know. I haven't heard of Miss Pendle before or read any of her books so thanks again for expanding my knowledge of historical romance authors.
    By the way, I love the look of your site. Please check out mine at I write about writing, the writer's life and everything else.
    Thanks again. I shall now be going to check out the book.:)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your feedback! I am a huge historical romance fan too! Good luck with writing it! :)
      Thank you, glad you like our blog. We will definitely have a read of yours. It sounds perfect for us! <3