'Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti.'

Last night I was having one of those nights where I was missing my Grandad and on a little path of getting down about it and staring at the wall feeling sad for the evening. Then before I knew it Grandad's face appeared in my head, I was getting out his pasta maker from the cupboard and pulling out the ingredients I needed to whip up a fresh batch of pasta.

Now, I don't think we have made pasta since we were in our teens and of course, we had Grandad by our sides leading the charge, showing us what to do and guiding us a long the way. But I had no need to worry, honestly, yesterday evening it felt very much the same. Though I wish more than anything that he had actually been in my kitchen and that I could have stopped every few minutes just to give him a cuddle, he was most certainly in my heart and in my head chatting away and making sure I was doing it right.

As I was writing down the process and making notes for our future cookbook, I thought why not share it here on our blog and see what you think. I'd love to know if you've made fresh pasta before or if you have any different recipes. I'm not going to lie, I definitely made this recipe up as I went along. Nanna and Grandad told us that we need flour, salt and eggs...how much of each is anyone's guess! :p I love my Nonni!!!

So, this is what I came up with:


3 eggs.
1/2 tsp salt, or a little less than that. 
A very roughly estimated 400 ish grams of Tipo 00 flour.

What to do:

Place the flour in a bowl and then make a small well in the middle. Add the eggs and your salt and mix together. I had read that you do this with a fork, but you know I used my hands. It's as simple as 'What would Grandad do?' 

The dough shouldn't stick to your fingers, so if it's sticky sprinkle in some more flour. On the other hand if it feels a touch too dry, add a drop of water.

Once you have a lovely dough formed place it on a cloth and get ready for the fun bit; using your pasta machine. 

This is when I felt like a kid, as the last time I was doing this my sisters and I were laughing with Grandad as we all wanted in on the fun bit and had to take turns. It's so exciting when the tagliatelle starts forming. 

Cut off a strip of dough and place it through the smooth bit of your machine. Fold it over and repeat this step 6-8 times. Then change the dial and place the dough back through. Keep changing the dial until you are happy with the thickness of your pasta. I stopped at number 4. 

Keep your pasta in the fridge until it's time to cook. 

There you have it; fresh homemade Tagliatelle. Now i'm off to take some to Nanna's for lunch. I'm going to make some of her and Grandad's tomato sauce...the best tomato sauce you will ever eat... to go with it. My stomach is rumbling at just the thought. 

Note to reader: I shall make amends to this post once I know the exact cooking time for this pasta. But all I can say if you make it is: follow your heart, try a piece and you will know when it's done.

Buon Appetito. 


  1. I've never tried to make pasta for myself before which makes me feel so non-Italian even though that's my background! I'd love to though, pasta in some form is probably my all time fav meal!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. We've only ever made it with Grandad until now. It's always a little daunting because things like this seem like they would be so difficult, when they are actually rather simple. We find that, that's the case with a lot of Italian cooking. :) Let us know if you try it! xx

  2. I've made fresh pasta a number of times, but never with a pasta maker. I'm still working on perfecting a fresh pasta recipe that I'm completely satisfied with. Practice makes perfect I guess!

    1. We agree. It's very different for us without our Grandad, as he was the expert and we just did what he did. We always worry we haven't got the taste right but then it tastes perfectly fine. Not sure if that makes sense but you know when certain foods without sauces make you wonder what they are actually supposed to taste like on their own?? If it's edible it's good! :) haha! xx