Author Interview: Vivian Conroy.

We absolutely love getting to interview authors here on our blog. It's always so much fun delving into the minds of the wonderful people behind some of our favourite reads. Last year I stepped out of my usual book genre and into the world of Murder Mystery, thanks to Vivian Conroy, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 'Death plays a Part' was an awesome read and I currently have the second installment, 'Rubies in the Roses' on my Kindle ready to dive into next. (I'm currently just being a slow coach with my TBR pile) With Vivian due to have her tenth book 'The Butterfly Conspiracy' published on Friday, we thought we would celebrate by getting to know Vivian in this little Q and A! Enjoy!

1) The bookworms in us must ask, how did it all start for you? Was there a book that made you want to become a writer?
I read my first Agatha Christie at 13 and I loved it so that is how I fell in love with mystery. I guess I always had this thought: I wish I could write something like that but it wasn't until later that I really started to write mysteries of my own. When HQ asked for a submission starting with a proposal, I figured they were probably looking for romance, but I wanted to submit a mystery starting with a lady overhearing a proposal so I submitted A Proposal To Die For, which went on to be the first book 1 in my Lady Alkmene series.
2) I was enthralled with ‘Death Plays a Part’. I loved the twists and turns and how you created such an interesting and awesome mystery with all the pieces of the puzzle coming together at the end. Where does your inspiration come from?
For Death Plays a Part I specifically wanted to write a locked room mystery as I enjoy reading those: aside from the question who the killer was you also have to figure out how the killer entered and left the room. It became a locked dungeon because the series is set at a castle. I knew I wanted a dog in it who would be an active investigator, digging up clues and winning hearts, so I created Dolly the dachshund. The covers featuring her are winners with readers.

3) Have you ever been a part of a murder mystery event or been to a murder mystery dinner party? If yes, what’s the best one you’ve ever been to?
I wish I had! They seem like so much fun. I think I would enjoy one on a cruise ship where various rooms on the ship were used for the roleplay.
4) When writing, do you have a preferred spot, a nook or an office?
Not really, I can write almost everywhere. I like to plot when hiking and my hiking friends get annoyed when I suddenly go 'that's it!' because they know I was plotting and not paying attention to them!
5) Do you require provisions when writing? A favourite drink maybe or a snack?
Chocolate is great to stimulate the brain (at least that is my excuse!). Extra dark or filled with salted caramel. I also have to admit to my shame that I eat crisps at the computer and the touchpad bears the greasy stains to prove it.
6) We own more notebooks that one person could possibly need and we happen to know you also have a soft spot for stationary. What’s one item of stationary you can never resist? Also, do you have favourite stationary store?
Notebooks are my greatest weakness, especially if there is a cute quote or glitter on the front. I actually use quite a lot of notebooks for writing related notes so they do serve a purpose beside being pretty. I bought lovely Christmas ones with golden deer on them at H&M 3 years ago and recently some lovely ones with botanical patterns at Zara Home. I'm also contracted to write a brand new mystery series set at a stationery store, called WANTED!, so from 2019 you can follow the adventures of the Paper Posse!
7) You often share recipes with us over on Twitter, which we love. Some of the chocolate recipes are heaven sent. If you had to pick one dessert to eat forever, what would it be? Ooh and what’s your ultimate top of the list chocolate bar?
A dessert I could eat forever is tiramisu! Summer or winter, it always tastes good! For chocolate I just tried Godiva extra dark with ganache was amazing!
8) Furtermore, while on the food questions, being fellow cheese lovers, is cheese best cooked into something or melted or is a cheese platter perfect the way it is?
I can eat cheese in my dinner or on toast, in pancakes, or on a platter (brie, anyone??) it's just my fave savoury snack!
9) As we love talking about travel here on the blog and ‘Death Plays a part’ is set in such an idyllic small town by the sea, do you have a travel bucket list? What’s the number one place on said list?
I love hiking in the mountains so anywhere near snow capped peaks, fi in Switzerland is perfect for me. Top of my wishlist is Venice! Beautiful architecture, the gondolas and the ice cream!!

Thank you so much Viv for taking the time to answer our quetsions, we have loved having you on our blog. We hope you're having an amazing countdown to publication day week!

Pick up The Lady Alkmene Mysteries now over on Amazon and be sure to check out Viv's tenth release The Butterfly Conspiracy too! 

Have an amazing day!

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