25 Things We Love About Our 'Little' Sister.

Today marks the day that we should really stop calling our 'Little' sister our 'Little' sister! Today she turns twenty-five...twenty-five!!!! Where has the time gone?? In reality though she's always going to be our 'Little' sister, so we can't promise anything!

To celebrate Jen turning a quarter of a century, we compiled a list of twenty-five things that we love about her. We may have done something similar in the past, but hey, she's awesome and a couple more years older and wiser, which means there are new things we love that are worth talking about...

1. She has chickens! Yes she owns three hens and looks after them so well. We get three fresh eggs a day and they make our Nanna happy. We grew up with Grandad having them too, so it's a lovely reminder of him each day.

2. She always, always has the right GIF/image for conversations. #GIFgamestrong

3. She can turn ANY sentence into a song.

4. She is teaching herself to sew and has so far made a skirt, a pretty dress and two kimono's that we really want to pinch, we mean borrow!

5. She is super smart. Particularly with Maths that goes way over our heads.

6. Her sarcasm is forever on point and cracking us up.

7. She is extremely creative. From designing cards to making dress patterns to coming up with unique and ingenious ways to build things or invent things, we love the way her brain works. 

8. Her attention to detail. She's most certainly a perfectionist and doesn't stop until something is done right and to the best of her ability.

9. She's always up for a dance/sing along.

10. She's always, always there for us with chocolate buttons from the fridge when we need them most.

11. Her loyalty to her family, being there for us all anytime, at the drop of a hat, no matter what.

12. She is incredibly patient, whether it be when making something or simply having time for everyone.

13. The fact that she actually sounds Italian when she speaks it, unlike us and our brother. We are 100% jealous!!

14. She is so incredibly hard working and inspires us with her organization skills and ability to get sh*t done.

15. Half the time (most of the time) she adults way (way) better than we do!! 

16. She makes the best scones. Ahem...Jen...scones! (Hint, hint)

17. The fact that at 25, she doesn't wear make-up - she doesn't need it!! #envious

18. She introduced us to the best band and TV show: CHUCK and THE OVERTONES! #forevergrateful

19. We have the best movie nights with her - we love the same type of movies! (except Kingsman, sorry Jen we can't watch that)

20. She's super sweet but will also be blunt when she needs to be. It's good for us.

21. She's helped us make so many cool things for our houses; wall hangings, wall art and frames. We all love homemade touches.

22. Her heart!! Enough said really!!

23. The fact that when she was little she constantly put on shows for us, trying to make everyone laugh. Everything was a stage. 

24. She supports us with everything and has been right behind us following our dreams since day one.

25. Last but not least, we love that she is ours. We wouldn't change her for the world.



  1. Yay for Jen, part of the greatest sister trio ever ❤️

  2. I seriously can't get over how much all 4 of you look alike - I know it's genetics and all that, but that is some family resemblance! Hope Jen had a super birthday :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Haha! It's funny when you say that Tania. A lot of people do, but we don't always see it! :) Thank you. She had a great time! xx