Book Review: The Single Mums' Picnic Club by Jennifer Joyce.


Release Date: 8th June 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @writer_jenn

Get your picnic baskets, cooler bags and lunchboxes out from the back of the cupboard because you're going to want them after reading Jennifer Joyce's latest book! It's packed (get it) with everything you could possibly want for a summer read; wonderful friendships, dreamy romance, cute kids and delicious food! 

'The Single Mums' Picnic Club,' follows the lives of Katie, Frankie and George. All single Mums trying to make it through divorces and heartache on top of raising kids. When they all meet each other on the beach, they fall into a habit of meeting to chat over food, something George absolutely loves preparing. Over her special picnics, the three women learn about each others lives, talk about how to move on and the different men that have wandered into their lives. The more they meet and the more ideas George comes up with for the picnics, the more they start to move on, grow, bond and make each others dreams a reality. 

Talk about #grlpowr!!! I adored the friendship that Frankie, Katie and George had. They are role models and perfect examples of true friendship and women being there for and supporting one another. Each woman was strong, brave and charming in their own way. I enjoyed that they each had their own unique talents, that fit together and bought the group closer, like they were meant to find each other and be in each other lives. I got excited waiting to hear what George had cooked up for each picnic. It literally made me want to make more of an effort to do these things myself. We did once have an Italian beach picnic and it was so much fun. There is something magical about packing lots of yummy food into one box and taking it somewhere different to enjoy, while sat on a cozy blanket!

Not only were the ladies fantastic in this book, but the men were too. Each man that the women met had one wonderful, wonderful thing in common: they were all nice, responsible men. Yes, no ones perfect, but boy sometimes you just want a nice, reliable guy, who is generally a good person. It's not all about the bad boys. The men in this story were sweet, caring, fun and sexy because of it. No games, no nonsense, just grown up, honesty. It was refreshing and put a smile on my face while reading. 

As with every Jennifer Joyce book I have read, I sank effortlessly into the pages of this book and let the writing take me on a journey. There's always a sense of warmth and easygoingness (yes, I just made up a word and I'm keeping it) when reading her stories, which is why I always know I have to read what's next. 'The Single Mums' Picnic Club,' is a superb summer read that will have you whipping up treats and buying a picnic basket, if you don't already own one! Enjoy!!

Happy Reading!

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