Nonno knows best!

It's not often that words fail us, in fact it's pretty much never, but trying to put into words the thoughts going on in our minds when sitting down to write this post, actually had us a little stumped. This coming Sunday will be one year since our Grandad passed, and honestly, we can't quite believe we have had a whole year without him. To hear his voice and cuddle him and talk to him about all that has gone on this past year would be rather wonderful right now.

There hasn't been a single day where we haven't thought of him and looked at pictures of him. We miss him with every passing minute. We have to admit that last year was an incredibly difficult time for us and we got lost in darkness for quite a while, but with the love and support from those around us and with the love we felt for our Grandad, our days became brighter and we began to feel inspired once more. 

Our Grandad was amazing and he still motivates us and guides us every day. We often find ourselves smiling as we recite something he said, or as we turn to his words of wisdom to cheer us up or help us. Today we thought, in honour of Grandad, we would share some of his advice and hope that if any of you are struggling or just need a bit of inspiration, that he can help you too. 

Che sara sara! 

Grandad loved singing this song to us. We have had many moments in the last few months where we have simply had to pause, breathe and listen to Grandad singing in our heads. The words are so very true, "What will be, will be." We never know what is around the corner or what the next few moments will bring. That can be quite an overwhelming and scary thing, but if we do our best to let go just a little bit and remind ourselves that "what will be, will be," it can often give us a little perspective and make us appreciate the moments that we are currently in.

Look after number one! 

Grandad cared for everyone and his passion for his family was second to none. Sometimes we
wonder if he actually followed this advice himself, as he was always worrying and thinking about everyone else, wanting to make sure they were OK before himself. Every time we said goodbye, Grandad would keep hold of our hands and tell us to 'Look after number one' because you can't look after everyone else if you yourself are not well. Recently we have felt Grandad trying to hammer this one home. In moments of sadness, weakness and heartbreak, Grandad's words came through. We had moments where we really had to think about what it was we wanted and what was needed for us to feel happy. We are huge advocates of thinking about other people's feelings and always being aware that our words and actions have consequences, we hate the thought of hurting people or not helping people or not being what someone needs, but we realized it's important to put ourselves first at times in order to keep our minds healthy. Don't be afraid to talk to people, for example if you're struggling at work and need time or need a change of schedule, speak up and stand up for what you need. Be understanding, be kind in how you talk, be prepared to compromise and treat others with respect, but help yourself and be good to yourself too. 

What can I do? 

This wasn't Grandad actually asking what can he do. This was him flippantly saying "What can I do?" He would sit and think about if we were OK, if we had eaten, if we had everything we needed and if we were happy all the time. He would say this in the sense that with him being older there wasn't a whole lot he could do but sit and think about his family. Seriously, our Grandad was FREAKING AWESOME. God, we miss him loads. This one makes us smile though, as these days we say it when we need to stop stressing out about things or we can't control a situation. Life happens and sometimes, no matter how much you wish you could change something, understand something or fix something, you simply can't, and so you need to breathe, take a step back and in your best Italian accent shout "What can I do?" Go on, try it. It really does help! :) 

So, there you have it. Thank you Grandad for being the best Grandad in the world and for still managing to be there for us no matter the distance. You are in our hearts always! 

Ti amo sempre con tutto il mio cuore! 



  1. Sending lots of love to you both for the anniversary. It's been 10 years since my Nan passed, and I still get incredibly down around the time of her passing. Love the memories you have with him :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Tania, that means the world to us. We miss him every single day and can't believe its been a year. Thinking of you too, grandparents are so special, they are always with us and guiding us! Sending all our love and thank you so much for reading! xxxx

  2. Dear Lucy and Kelly, I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you both today. This is a beautifully written blog and I have no doubt that your Grandad is looking down proud of you both. I know how much it hurts but cherish your memories with him and he will live in your hearts always. Sending all my love. David xxx

    1. Hi David, Thank you very, very much for your kind words, they truly mean a lot to us. Love to you too. <3 xx

  3. I love these kinds diary-posts. They are so genuine and sincere, such a plasure to read!
    xx Ele |

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed reading it! <3 xx