Book Review: Lord Stanton's Last Mistress by Lara Temple.

Release Date: 31st May 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @laratemple1

Sometimes you just need a good historical romance story to change it up a little and delve into another era. I'm lucky because whenever I feel like this is what I need, I have an array of fantastic historical romance authors to choose from, Lara Temple being one of them. Lara knows just how to hook me in and keep me entertained and I love her for it.

Lord Stanton's story is book three in Lara's 'Wild Lords and Innocent ladies' series, a series that I have absolutely loved. I love series because I enjoy meeting people and then getting to revisit their lives and see them again in later books, it makes me feel content in knowing that their lives are still going on and also like i'm still their friend, who is just catching up. As an avid bookworm, I suffer from terrible book hangover, I hate leaving characters behind and always have to re-read the last sentences of books again, like that last little turn of heads in the movies when two characters are destined to be together. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I was excited about getting properly acquainted with Lord Stanton, as his friends, Lord Hunter and Lord Ravenscar most definitely did not disappoint in the other stories. They are a very cool group of men, with a wonderful friendship and it's hard not to fall in love with them. Something Christina James finds out quite well, when she is made to nurse Lord Stanton back to health in her home. The two seem to have an instant chemistry, even though Christina's face is hidden behind a marriage veil. Christina is intrigued by the flirty man who has turned up on her Island and equally Lord Stanton wants to know the face of the gentle woman who is saving his life. It's not until years later that they actually meet again, do they still share a spark? Will they even remember each other?

There were many things I loved about this story. Firstly, I loved the conversations between Lord Stanton and Christina. At the beginning they were flirty and at the same time, sweet and then they were more involved and from the heart, as the two battled with their emotions. Whatever the situation though, they were always entertaining and helped to really portray what each person was going through. Secondly, I adored how loyal Christina was to the King and Ari, who were her family, who took her in and cared for her. She cared so much for Ari, that you could feel it bursting from the pages. Being someone who is very close to my family, I could completely feel and understand the love and fierce loyalty Christina felt. Thirdly, I liked how smart Christina was and how she came across as very unassuming to people but could then surprise them in her knowledge and with her relationship with the King. He didn't treat her like a servant or even subscribe to the way women were supposed to be looked at. He knew what she was capable of and when he occasionally forced her to show it, she truly shone. These moments made me happy and really promoted the loving, family bond that Christina, Ari and The Kind had.

'Lord Stanton's Last Mistress,' is compelling, sexy, sweet and makes for an excellent read. As with all of Lara Temple's books, I highly recommend it.

Happy Reading!

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