Book Review: Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli by Portia MacIntosh.


Release Date: 18th May 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
Twitter: @portiamacintosh 

You may notice that this book is currently sat in our Book of the Month spot, so you can probably gather that there's a pretty good chance that I enjoyed it...but you would be wrong...I didn't enjoy it...


I have to do it, sorry I just have's time for a GIF...


This is an accurate portrayal of me, upon reading the first few pages of Portia MacIntosh's latest book! I read it in a day and a half it was that good. I simply adore her writing! Although, I must admit, I am slightly regretting my haste, as now i'm stuck in that book rut of having to wait for her next one, and no doubt I will read that one too fast as well. Oh the tangled web we weave! 

Now, there are numerous things I loved about 'Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli.' Here's a list, because if there's one thing I may love more than Portia's books (maybe) it's writing lists...

The name.
The characters.
The settings.
The romance.
The children.
The Apple Blossom Deli.
The food in the deli.

but one thing that I loved most, is the writing. "Well duh," I hear you say, "You said that already!" Steady on, I know I did, but that was in general, about all of Portia's books. If i'm specifically talking about this one, which I am, the writing was just spot on. It coaxed me in, tucked me up and kept me feeling warm and cozy, all the way till the end. Honestly, Portia writes like she's speaking, like she could actually be up on a stage reading the story to you, yet at the same time, there is still a very personal, homely, best friend vibe to it as well. Her writing is full of love, warmth and humour. I simply can't get enough of it. I know that each time I pick up one of her books, that i'm going to meet great people, fall in love, laugh my socks off and have an absolute ball! 

In addition to all of these wonderful things, I had the biggest smile on my face when Lily mentioned the food that they sell in the deli. Having eaten products from Mulino Bianco all my life, and more specifically having eaten plenty of Pan Di Stelle biscuits, the mention of them, made me do a little happy dance, while sat on my couch! Little things like this made this book extra special for me and made me happy! 

I do realize that I am nearing the end of my review and i'm yet to actually tell you what this delightful book is about! Although, do you really need me to explain when it's this good?! Take my word for it, you need 'Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli,' in your life!! You really do! If you do want to read more though, we did do a cover reveal for it a while back and it tells you all that you need to know! :p 

If you are looking for a wonderful, happy, feelgood read this Summer, then stop right now (thank you very much) and pick up this book today! 

Happy Reading! 

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