Book Review: No Way Back by Kelly Florentia.


Release Date: 21st September 2017
Publisher: Urbane Publications
Twitter: @kellyflorentia

I wanted to start by saying Thank you to Kelly Florentia for getting in touch with me about 'No Way Back.' Just by looking at the cover, I wouldn't necessarily have chosen this book to read; it looks a little more mysterious than i'm used to, but you know what they say - never judge a book by it's cover, so i'm very grateful to Kelly for giving me a chance to read it.

'No Way Back,' did have a very different vibe to what i'd normally go for. There were a lot more twists and turns and quite a lot of sadness and heartbreak. Audrey Fox has been dumped by her fiance days before her wedding. After being with Nick for so long, Audrey doesn't know what to do with herself. Her friends and family all think she's better off without him but that's because they're hiding things that will turn Audrey's world upside down. When Audrey meets Daniel, it looks like her life could be on the up, but it's not as simple as that, as Daniel comes with a whole load of baggage that Audrey's not sure she can handle. To make matters more complicated, her ex has started talking to her again and the more she discovers about the reasons he left her, the less people Audrey feels like she can trust. Why is everyone in her life hiding something and who really is the right guy for her?

Audrey had a tough time and i'll give it to her, she did try her best to keep moving forward. Any eventual outbursts she had were well deserved on her part. I was quite shocked by her 'friends' behaviour and how they should have just been honest with her. Every time I thought the story was going somewhere, it took a different turn, which did make it quite the emotional ride. 

There were some moments where I didn't quite know who I should like, as everyone seemed to be in on some kind of secret. I have to admit to not being a fan of Daniel. I actually felt for Nick in a way and liked him more. He and Audrey had that easy going, best friend relationship and I was sad that it didn't work out between them.

I'm rather intrigued as to what the sequel to 'No Way Back' is going to be like. Are there more secrets? What does Audrey do next? Who does she learn to trust again? The air of mystery is quite exciting! 

If you like books that will keep you on your toes and surprise you with what you find round the corner, then 'No Way Back,' may just be what you are looking for! 

Happy Reading!

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