Mum's Chopped Salad.

Our Mum started making this dish quite a few years ago now, probably when we moved house and started having Nanna and Grandad round for Christmas and special occasion meals. It's really very simple and yet it goes down a treat every time. Everyone looks forward to it and we are left with a table of empty plates...until the next course is served!  
The reason behind Mum deciding on a chopped salad was so that it was easier for Nanna and Grandad to eat. Everything has to be very small, that's the secret and it's also the one thing that even after all these years Mum loves to remind us of. She cannot walk past us when we are helping (while dancing to The Overtones) without telling us to "Make sure you chop them very small." Like we haven't been doing it forever!! Does anyone else's Mum do this with anything?

Anyway, Mum gets the last laugh because we absolutely adore this salad. It's pretty, it's colourful and it's absolutely delicious. Plus you can really add anything you want and equally, take things away if certain people don't like a specific ingredient. 

Ingredients: For 10 people*:

1 225g bag of frozen prawns
1 punnet of baby plum/baby Roma tomatoes
4 Hard boiled eggs
1 Iceberg lettuce
1 jar of green olives
1 packet of smoked salmon/salami/prosciutto (All 3 if you wish, we often do salami and prosciutto)
1 ball of mozzarella cheese
1 tub of feta cheese
1 small cucumber
A couple of boiled potatoes

Additional Ingredients:

Salad Cream
Tomato Ketchup
White Wine
Salt, Olive Oil and Basil (to mix with the chopped tomatoes)
Mayonnaise (to mix with the boiled potatoes) 

What to do:

Firstly, set the prawns aside to defrost in a bowl of cold water.

Then, chop all of your ingredients, besides the eggs and your choice of meats/fish.

Peel and slice the eggs. 

Mix the chopped tomatoes in a little bowl with a sprinkle of salt, a dash of olive oil and some basil for extra yumminess. 

Mix the boiled potatoes with some Mayonnaise in a bowl, as if you were making a potato salad. 

Once all of the ingredients are chopped with a Mum stamp of approval, you can start to arrange them on the plates. We like to do it with the lettuce in the middle and then place everything around the outside, like a flower. 

The last thing you will need is the sauce, which we like to be a bit spontaneous with. Put a few squirts of salad cream and a few squirts of ketchup in a bowl, with a dash of white wine and mix together until you are happy with the colour and taste. Add a bit more of any of the ingredients, as you wish. 

Place the sauce in a serving dish and your family/guests can help themselves. 

*This number correlates to roughly how many people have been around our table in the past. If we have more guests we just add a few more of any of the ingredients listed. Even if it means chopping a few more things up, once it's all plated. If we end up with too much of anything, someone will always eat it later! :)

Our traditional Christmas table setting! 

We hope you enjoy this dish. If you make it, we would love to hear how it went and if it was a hit. We love seeing pictures too! 

Buon Appetito!



  1. This looks delicious! I love making salads, I often use smoked salmon or prosciutto so this is perfect! I love your Christmas table setting!
    Hels xx

    1. Thank you so much Hels! We eat so much prosciutto at our Nanna and Grandad's it's untrue!! :p It's definitely getting more towards salad making weather, so we enjoy thinking of ways to make them interesting! :) xx