How to live the life of your dreams.

Okay, so I'm not about to sit here and give you step by step instructions on how you can live the life of your dreams - I'll leave that to my brother in law, who wrote an awesome book about it. - but  I woke up at five this morning and felt inspired to write, and these were the first words that popped into my head.

I'm the kind of person who wakes up every morning and smiles at the little things. For example: I've lived in my house for nearly seven months now, yet I wake up each day feeling incredibly grateful for something in it. Be it the spiral staircase, that puts a huge grin on my face when I take my first steps of a new day down them, or the cute photo wall and photo frames I've dotted round the place, to the kitchen that my Dad and I changed before I moved in. There's something everywhere I look that makes me pause and just appreciate what I have around me.

But - there's always a but! Silly buts! I'm not immune to getting down and feeling frustrated by the things in life that I can get caught up in 'wanting' (Not a fan of this word. Our Mum always told us to say, "I would like.") I mean it's so easy to get swept away by what everyone else has, right? We only have to switch our phones on to see who's going on holiday again, or who just received an amazing parcel from an equally amazing company, or who just got an incredible opportunity from an even bigger company, and it can often be very overwhelming. I'm not a jealous person, so I wouldn't say seeing these things makes me jealous, I'll be the first person to congratulate someone and be happy for them, but what it can make me feel like is that i'm underachieving and like I'm doing something wrong. Thus, setting me up for frustration and feeling unhappy with what I'm doing and where I'm supposed to be going. And these are not good feelings to have. I don't want them.

So, in an attempt to put my positive pants on in these situations, this is how I combat those ugly, unwanted feelings:

How I live the life of MY dreams!


"And the whole world smiles too!" Smile at everything. I wake up and smile just because I woke up and the sun is shining. Then I smile because I'm about to have coffee in my own house and then go to my job that I have, that helps me pay my bills and buy the things. Then, I smile at the gorgeous little kids I look after...for about five minutes, before they start driving me crazy - I kid, I kid! ;p 


Be thankful, always, for what you have. A wonderful family? Fantastic friends? A roof over your head? I honest to goodness don't think there is a day that goes by where I don't feel appreciative for my family. Being back home, after seven years, is quite simply the best thing ever. I leave Mum's house with a bag of toilet role and want to cry sometimes. Having people around me that are there to help and who think about me, is an amazing feeling. All the riches and social media followers in the world couldn't compare to the love I have for and from my family. 


You're doing great and deep down you know it! Don't be afraid to tell yourself how awesome you are. This is so easy to say, but believe me, I struggle too. Here's a little information that you may not have thought about, but I would like to share. We all compare ourselves to others, we just can't help it. "That person has better hair, better fashion sense, a better job." The list is endless. A lot of the time you may never see that person again, so soon forget about them. I on the other hand, don't get away so lightly. Being a twin means there is always someone by my side on a daily basis who people naturally compare me too. I can't tell you how many times we are asked, "Who's the evil one? Who's the smart one? Who's better at wresting?" It's non stop. It often feels like we can never be our own person, because there will always be that comparison. Lucy has a different style to me, which I love, but which also makes me feel like I need a style or to look cool like her. She's got tattoos, should I get one? She's just written a book, "what about you Kelly?" I could keep going, but you get my point. The thing is, I've been used to this for thirty years and it's never going to go away, so, I have to tell myself it doesn't matter. I am happy with me and my accomplishments. I don't have to be like Lucy, because even though we're twins, I am me and I like me. You should like you too!  


Because it's exactly that: YOURS! You are the only person, who is in charge of what you do and how you choose to feel everyday. If you aren't happy with something, change it. Again, easier said that done, but my husband has been a huge help in making me change my perspective. I used to get so down and worry about things I couldn't control and then he made me listen to loads of podcasts and videos on spirituality and meditation and they actually helped. I find myself feeling a lot calmer lately and always try to see the positive side of things. Even on days when my job stresses me out and I wish I was at home with my coffee and computer, I stop and remind myself that I have a job and that I get to be outside when it's sunny and that on a daily basis I get about fifty cuddles. Then I think back on all the other jobs I've had and I realize that even if I didn't enjoy them, they have given me stories and ways to relate to people and experience. I know how to do retail shipment, I can say I've had my own pre-school class of ten completely on my own and wonder how I ever did it, but I did! Every little thing we've done has gotten us to where we are now. It's so cliche and yet so very true. The ups and downs. The success and mistakes. They are all part of YOUR story. Which means, if you feel like a plot twist, write it! 


That's right. Just live it. Be passionate every day. If you wake up every morning and spend five minutes over coffee, doing something that makes you happy, then in my opinion you are succeeding. If you then have to go to a job you don't like, but you smile, be kind to people and then come home and get right back into what you love, you are succeeding. Each day has to be filled with passion and love. The only time you are failing is if you are waiting on the end result, because if you do that, you are missing the best bits. You are missing each opportunity to be happy. Here's another tid bit of information: we spent tens years living our dream of becoming professional wrestlers. Nine of those years were spent trying to 'make it.' Eventually, we got signed to a company and do you know what happened? It all got too much and wrestling was no longer fun. Turns out the end result was no where near as awesome as trying to get there! So, my advice is, and I still have to tell myself this, enjoy all the 'little things' you are doing now and wake up each day feeling happy that you get to do them and you may actually realize that you are already Living The Life Of Your Dreams! 

Before I sign off, sorry I know it's been a long one, but I would love for you to share with me what makes your life happy right now. What do you get to do now that is you living your dream life? Here's mine:

I get to enjoy coffee mornings, not just on weekends. I make time for them before work, while writing and blogging. I read books; I LOVE books. I have a job, that while stressful, is also one of the most rewarding ever: I get countless cuddles, get to see milestones and hear children laugh...and get random kisses just because. I live around the corner from my family and visit them everyday; seeing Nanna after work and at weekends is what life is all about. So are sister movie nights and concerts. I plan, dream and make goals with my twin on a daily basis and no matter how small or how big, we are in it together. I also listen to Harry Styles and One Direction on repeat, because life is about being happy and passionate and loving things with all that you have! 

I hope you're feeling happy today! 


  1. Ciao Kelly! I agree 100% with all of the points you made here! Especially enjoying the journey...something that I've been consciously doing lately and I feel so much happier! Your mother is very wise about "wanting"....I heard a motivational video recently that talked about how this feeling can actually keep things from us, probably because it is difficult to want something and feel grateful at the same time. The comparison part really spoke to me as well. (It never occurred to me just how much twins must get compared, how annoying!) My life is on a different timeline than a lot of my friends and cousins my age...but that doesn't mean our timelines are wrong, but perfect for each one of us ;) This is a great post and cheers to living our dream lives! <3 Kelly,

    1. Cheers Kelly! Thank you for reading. I'm glad you can relate and feel the same too! We're definitely at that point too compared to a lot of our family and friends, but we have to remember that they haven't done what we've done either, so no way is the right way! It's just our way! :) xx

  2. Gosh I really, really needed this post right now. I’ve been endlessly working towards my “dream life” when I should’ve just taken a step back and be grateful for what I have... and to realise that I have my dream life already! Sure there are things to improve but that’s the whole point in living, right?

    Thank you so much for writing this uplifting post!

    1. Right!! This makes me so happy! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It's lovely when posts can relate to people and it's nice to know i'm not alone in my feelings and rambles! :) xx

  3. Happy things right now: I've reconnected with an old friend of mine, work is going alright. I'm healthy(ish)! I have everything I want and need. I bought some new planner stickers the other day and they arrived today, so I'm like a kid at christmas with them! It's sunny. I've had a salad for lunch today!
    Such a lovely post!! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Aww thank you for sharing this Tania! Yay for can never have enough really can you?! Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed the post! <3 xx

  4. This is just the blog post I needed. I've been in a bit of a life rut lately and I'm having a hard time bouncing back from it. Got to start applying these simple tips and have faith that things will get better.

    1. They will get better! Keep on going! Thank you for reading, I'm really glad it helped! <3 xx