Book review: Looking for Trouble by Lara Ward Cosio!

Release date: 22nd May 2018
Publisher: Rogue Publications
Twitter: @laracosio

I've said it before and I'll quite happily shout from the roof tops, do a book happy dance and say it again... I LOVE Lara Ward Cosio's Rouge Series! It's bloody brilliant!!!! I had to get that extra bit British then to really enforce my flipping love for this awesome collection.

A few months back I was very sad writing up my review for "Finding Rhythm", the fourth and what I thought was going to be the final installment of the Rouge Series. I just wasn't ready to leave the band behind. It was a very difficult time for me. Well, you should have seen the pure elation on my face when I came across a tweet of Lara's referring to another book. Yes, another book, an addition to this fantastic series and a look into Danny Boy's life. I was squealing with glee, honest to goodness that happened, I squealed. Don't you just love being a book worm?

I feel I have to start by saying that if you need to catch up, please go back and check out my reviews for books 1-4. Though i'm sure these books would draw you in no matter what, I would highly recommend you start from the beginning. Once you meet the entire band from Gavin, Connor, Shay to Martin, then you will be ready and wanting to delve into 'Looking for Trouble'.

So, Danny Boy is the brother of Rouge's drummer Shay. We meet him in the previous books and he's quite the troublemaker. Being the older of the two brothers, Danny Boy took the lead in looking after Shay during their difficult childhood and to put it simply it all got a bit too much for him. Having to be the one to make sure him and his brother always had food on the table, to be the one to respond to his baby brother's crying and basically being a Mum and Dad to Shay for so many years, resulted in Danny Boy needing an out, a form of release and an escape from having to be so in control all the time. This lead him to drugs, which lead him to disappearing for months at a time, once Shay was in his teens. They re-kindle their relationship in Shay's story: Hitting that Sweet Spot, but it is not without drama.

Danny Boy has always carried guilt about leaving Shay, but he could never help himself. Every time he made an appearance back in Shay's life, trouble would ensue. He thought it better to stay away. You can read about the roller coaster of their relationship and the crazy antics that Danny Boy gets up to in the previous books. However, in 'Looking for Trouble,' we meet back up with Danny Boy after he has managed to keep the trouble at bay for quite some time. He is staying at Shay's house while Shay is in San Francisco with his girlfriend and he has been touring with Rogue, helping out and learning the tools of the trade. He is attending therapy and is doing well for himself. He spends his days hanging out with his best friend Roscoe, trying to thwart off the demons in his head and driving around in Shay's Porsche. All is quite calm until he meets Jules.

Lara is simply fantastic at writing raw emotions that connect you deeply to her characters. I adore every single character in these books and though Danny Boy is not a member of the band, getting to learn more about him and his story was just as compelling. When I read this book, just as I did with the ones before it, I was taken out of the real world and sucked into book world very quickly. I feel like I know these boys and I am re-visiting my best friends and getting to hang out with them for a while with every sentence. That's why it's always so hard for me to leave them at the end, talk about book hangover. It hurts!!

At first I did wonder what redeeming qualities Danny Boy was going to have, after knowing what he had put Shay and the boys through over the years, but he won me over in every way. I loved that he had no filter and that he said what he was thinking or asked questions the moment they came to his mind. I loved that he could be both guarded and yet very open and honest at the same time. I loved his confidence and how sexy he was and above all I love that we learn that he has such a kind heart. He has insecurities and a lot of his drama comes from not feeling worth it or good enough, I like that we get to see him overcome certain elements of this and fight for his wants and loves.

Danny Boy cares deeply for his brother and his best friend Roscoe and he really tries hard to do right by them. This was a very redeeming quality and one in which had me rooting for him to stay on the straight and narrow. In Danny Boy's story we get to follow his lust and moments of indulgence with the sneaky and dangerous Jules, and his heart, as we sit in with his therapy sessions and the love that blossoms with his therapist. This book has it all. It's raw, its romantic, it's sexy, it's a bit bad ass and you won't want to put it down.

Just maybe, maybe we might now get to hear Sophie or Felicity's view's on life at some point down the line...ahem, ahem...cough, cough Lara!!! ;)

You NEED The Rouge Series in your life. 'Looking for Trouble' is available NOW!!

Happy reading!

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