Sharing our Dreams.

One of our biggest dreams in life is to publish our family cookbook. It's quite scary writing that and sort of 'saying it out loud,'. However, it's something we feel we should hold our heads high a little more confidently with now and proclaim that we are in fact going to make this dream a reality. We know it's something we have touched on in the odd tweet here and there, but actually writing it on our blog feels a touch nerve wrecking. We don't want to fail.

We have been working on this cookbook for quite sometime now and originally put it together as a gift for our Nanna and Grandad one Christmas, about four years ago. We wanted to show them how much they meant to us and how much we treasured all of our time spent with them, as well as, the food they cooked for us. It was an emotional Christmas, one, because I was unable to go back home due to my American Visa, and two, because they loved it. There was lots of crying all round.

Kelly had gone ahead and given Nanna and Grandad the book while I participated over Skype. The pictures, the videos and the crying, the smiling and the hugs will be etched in our hearts forever. Nanna and Grandad were overjoyed. Grandad especially loved seeing his recipes in print and cried reading the letter inside, where we talked about how much he meant to us. I'm crying now typing this because he was so freaking amazing and I miss him so much. It was such a special day.

Over the years that have followed that Christmas, we have been working our hardest to get our book from the ten original recipes it boasted then to, currently, forty-five. We had given Nanna and Grandad a short one, as we had just wanted them to see what our plans were for our family recipe book, and knew it would take some time before it reached publishing quality. With the passing of Grandad last year we feel so grateful that he got to see it and that he knew what we were working on. He never stopped asking about when the book was going to get published and Nanna said he always talked about what recipe he needed to tell us next and the exact measurements he had to make sure we wrote down. We would constantly send pictures to Jen of all the recipes we were working on and talk to them on Skype about how much of this and that we needed. When we came home we continued to savour every minute cooking side by side with them and were constantly picking their brains.

There's a huge part of us that kicks ourselves that the process has taken so long. To turn round to Grandad and show him the final copy would have meant the absolute world to us, but now we are more determined than ever to do it for him, to honor him and all he and Nanna are to us.

We're not going to lie, the whole process of proposal's and finding literary agents has been a tiring task and at often times soul destroying, rejections are never fun, but we won't give up. This post was supposed to be another little sample recipe from our book and a little insight in to the fact that there is a book, but I feel like I went way off on a tangent and might just leave this here. It feels kind of therapeutic to talk about it and put it out there a little more openly. Yes, we are terrified of failing, of telling people and still receiving more rejections, but I guess there's a part of us that feels inspired and comforted by bringing you on our journey.

As I did go off on a tangent, keep your eyes peeled next week for some more of our delicious family recipes! :)

Thank you for being you.


  1. I am so excited for your cookbook Lucy & Kelly!!!! What a special gift to be able to give your grandparents and to be able to carry on your grandad's legacy <3

    1. Aww thank you so much Kelly. That's our goal, it means everything to us! <3 xx