Book Review: One Summer In Rome by Samantha Tonge.


Release Date: 9th May 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @samtongewriter

After not long getting back from a trip to Italy, I still very much feel like I am in Italian mode, then again I'm never really out of it, if I'm being honest! I love anything and everything to do with the beautiful country, so reading Samantha Tonge's new book leading into Summer was a no brainer. 

In "One Summer in Rome," we meet Mary Smith. She's decided to take her life in a new direction and has booked a one way trip to Rome. Her plan is to spend the Summer working for the Rossi family, in their pizzeria, and then see where life takes her. She's completely stepping out of her comfort zone, but it's just what she needs: a new start, a wonderful country, delicious food and the possibility of fitting in somewhere. Can life with the Rossi family be where she belongs? Will there be more than just history, sunshine and pizza for her in Rome? 

Firstly, I know I said this back when I posted the cover reveal for this book, but isn't the cover just stunning? I absolutely love it. It's so warm and inviting, plus it has lemon and olive trees on it! Perfetto!! As for the story itself, I could so totally see myself following Mary's footsteps and disappearing off to Italy. It was such a fantastic adventure, although I would probably be a little nervous, like Mary, too. She was very brave booking a one way flight and going to work in a pizzeria with a family she didn't know, who spoke a language she wasn't completely fluent in. I admired her for that and how she took everything in her stride. I think that would be an amazing way to learn Italian; to be thrown in at the deep end and just do it, it worked well for Mary. 

I've never been to Rome, but Samantha Tonge certainly made me feel like I was there. I could picture the fountains in the Piazza with the twinkling lights, couples walking arm in arm and the music and chatter from all the bars and restaurants floating into the center, creating a cozy atmosphere, that would have me not wishing to be anywhere else but right there. To top it off, going home to the delightful Rossi family and having late night chats over Mochaccino's would be fantastico! :)

There was one particular member of the Rossi family that touched my heart and who I really connected with and that was Dante. He was every bit the leading man and I was fascinated by his story. He was incredibly brave and so independent, even after everything he had been through. I definitely saw what Mary saw in him and was rooting for romance between the two of them!

If you're looking for a touching read, that will transport you to Italy for the summer and have you dreaming of pizza and coffee under the stars, then you will love "One Summer in Rome." 

Happy Reading!

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