Goodnight Sweetheart.


Ever since our sister Jen played 'Say what I feel' to us, six years ago, after she heard The Overtones sing it live on Dancing on Ice, I have loved this band unconditionally. I hadn't bothered about buying albums, watching music videos or catching live television appearances since our Good Charlotte days, but that all changed the moment I heard this five piece vocal harmony group. All of a sudden, from that day forward I had a favourite band, again, and I couldn't get enough of them.

Over the years, I've grown to know and love each member of The Overtones for their own personalities and incredible voices, and although I hate to pick favourites, I've always had a soft spot for Timmy. His voice bought me comfort on days I was feeling homesick in the States and his smile was contagious when watching live performances or videos. He simply made me feel happy whenever I needed it. My Mum and I are very alike and even though I'd often joke with my sisters and her and call him "My Timmy," I feel as though she shared the same soft spot for him as well. The first time she came with us to see The Overtones live, she was so tired but agreed to line up to meet the boys after the show, just for us. We were being ushered along the line quite quickly, but when Mike recognized us from Twitter they gave us kisses and were so sweet. Timmy was on the end and I swear I was at a loss for words when he gave me a peck on the cheek, I didn't have enough words to fully express how incredible I thought he was, but managed to mutter something along the lines of "You are amazing." He was so kind and just lovely, smiling and listening and he even took time to acknowledge Mum and asked if "this is Mam?" She was delighted, especially when she got a kiss too! It was a night, with memories to last a lifetime!

Seeing The Overtones live is one of the best nights out ever. Trust me.

Sadly, on 9th April, Timmy passed away and my heart shattered. I was at work when I found out and it took all I had to get through the afternoon. Just that morning I had heard Superstar playing on the radio in our works kitchen and actually ran to get my phone out of my bag, so I could record it to play to Jen, because it's not often I catch The Overtones on the radio. The ladies at work just laughed at me but I was so happy. I don't know if it was a coincidence that morning, as The Overtones didn't officially say anything until later, but I can't bring myself to delete the video.

It's been three weeks and I still don't quite believe it. I feel like I've spent the last few weeks in a bubble of disbelief and sadness. Two years ago when Timmy announced that he wouldn't be on their Christmas tour, because he'd been diagnosed with Cancer, I had just lost a friend to Cancer and couldn't bare the same thing happening to Timmy. I prayed for him every night and was so happy when he was cleared and back on tour the following year. It happened to be the first time I'd finally got to see their Christmas show, after missing it for two years in a row! We were so close to the stage and could see them all so clear and not even being full of a cold could stop me dancing the night away. Though I remember all of their shows with fondness, I'll always remember that night as being extra special. We had seen Lachie out back before hand and got to say hello and I was just so overjoyed to see Timmy back on the tour. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I got to be home for that, now even more so.

It brings me to tears now just thinking about all the memories, but also coming to the realisation that I will never get to hear that beautiful voice live again. It seems so unfair. Going to see the Boys live was something we always got so excited about. Literally, it's a family affair and we count down the days and plan outfits accordingly. Hopefully, when the time is right and Lachie, Mike, Mark and Darren are ready, we can enjoy that happiness again. Right now, it's still hard to come to terms with it. I just wanted to be able to say:

Thank you Timmy for sharing your voice and passion with us.
Thank you for being so kind and chatty the first time we met you.
Thank you for spreading joy and happiness to the world.
Thank you for being our Superstar.
We will continue to keep you in our hearts forever and play you loud and proud. Our lives are so much better off for having had you in them. 

This is one of my favourite songs and videos. Their happiness and the lyrics are wonderful.

If you are a fan of The Overtones and want to talk, share happy memories or favourite songs, I would love to hear them. There is such a great community online and whilst it's not a happy time, it's nice to be able to come together and be there for one another when we need it. 


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