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Last Saturday, for the first time in thirty years, I experienced a long haul flight all on my lonesome. Between the trying my best to not look like a lost puppy in the airport without Kelly by my side and my realization of the fact that Kelly is the organized twin, usually leads the way and actually reads signs and fine print, I managed not to forget anything, have a rather pleasant journey and make it to Florida in one piece. #Winning

In my attempt to not mumble too much to myself-seriously, not having Kelly to natter/turn to is like missing a limb- I put on my (borrowed) headphones (thanks Jen, ok, so maybe i forgot one thing) and proceeded to listen to all three One Direction albums that Thomas Cook kindly provided. This was followed by two run throughs of Harry Styles's brilliant album, a watch of 'The Devil Wears Prada', and the fantastic 'Dunkirk' (I know) and eight hours and forty-five minutes flew by. (Literally.) Back pain be damned I made it through with a smile on my face. 

Now, after listening to three out of the five One Direction albums and being very scarily close to belting them out with all my heart on a plane full of passengers, I simply could not pass up the opportunity to share with you some of my all time favourite 1D songs. So, join me if you will and let's reminisce... you know you want to!! 

Up All Night!

What Makes You Beautiful  - I can't help it, I swoon every time I hear this one! 
Gotta Be You. - Uh this gets the romantic in me! 
More Than This.
One Thing.

Take Me Home!

I Would  - You just can't not sing along! 
Live While We're Young.
She's Not Afraid.
Rock Me  - I feel like this one is pretty bad-ass, like it could be an entrance theme! Thoughts?

Midnight Memories!

Best Song Ever  - "Said I had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it."  
Midnight Memories.
Don't Forget Where You Belong  - Cue the tears...EVERY. TIME!! 


Steal My Girl.  - Love and come on Danny DeVito is in the video, can you say awesome?!  
Where Do Broken Hearts Go.
FireProof  - Love this one live! 
Change Your Ticket  - My life! 
Ready To Run.

Made In The AM - My favourite album, for sure! 

Perfect - This song though?!! 
If I Could Fly - Again with the tears?! 
Love You GoodBye - Yes!! This!! 
History. - I can't with this one, that last performance!! 
End Of The Day.
Made In The AM - "We're just swimming round in our glasses, and talking out of our asses,"
Drag Me Down  - Life motivation!! 

Now it's your turn!! I want to know your favourite One Direction songs? 

Have an amazing day! 

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