Book Review: Lady Cecily And The Mysterious Mr Gray by Janice Preston.


Release Date: 3rd May 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @janicegpreston

Oooh this book was dangerous!! For all the right reasons and I adored everything about it! Janice Preston just gets better and better and I know my kindle is happy when I have at least one of her books in line to read. 

Lady Cecily Beauchamp is used to behaving like the perfect lady. She's always done what is expected of her, even if that's not always want she wants. When her two older brothers marry for love it sparks something inside her, yet she's left feeling deflated and like she's destined to be the little sister who lives in the family home forever without a purpose. So, Lady Cecily decides that the only thing she can do to get what she desires is marry. She may have to put love aside if she is to get the family and children she longs for, but surely that's what most marriages, besides her brothers, are like? With her plan decided Lady Cecily sets about to bring it to fruition, there is only one problem; she doesn't factor in meeting Zachary Gray and that proves to be an issue!

Let's talk danger... Zachary Gray was delicious! With his half Romany decent, love of the outdoors, choice of jewellery and ability to help animals, he was everything a Mills and Boon novel needs and more. He made this story sexy and interesting and I simply loved reading about him and having him enter my life. His story with Lady Cecily screamed both romance and scandal, which made this book so exciting to read. They knew where their hearts lay but it was a matter of societies rules and family allegiance that made it hard for them to be together. The fact that their feelings for each other were pure and simple made me happy. I enjoy when characters don't play around with each other and while it wasn't straightforward for Lady Cecily to make up her mind about what she wanted to do, I understood her reasoning and hoped she would come to the right decision, but until that moment she was still very honest about her feelings. There was a spark in her and a rebellious side that gave Lady Cecily more depth and realness. I liked seeing her go after what she wanted and seeking more than what was expected of her.

This story spoke about many issues too, that I was completely on board with. I tell myself I should take a photograph of those paragraphs that have me staring at the wall for a few minutes after reading them, then promptly forget or am too engrossed in reading that I don't want to get up to grab my phone. But I assure you there were plenty of them in this story. Janice Preston touched on a lot of the prejudice between the Romany's and the well bred gentlemen and it was quite upsetting to see how money and a place in society could have such an affect on people. I always rally around those that show good character when faced with things like this, as I'm all for treating people equally, no matter their class or wealth. This made Zachary Gray more appealing as he wasn't about riches or being apart of societies rules. There was a quote that if I remember correctly he used when not getting involved in revenge on his brother. It's one of my favourite quotes but he said it slightly different. I can't actually find how he said it (maybe you can help me Janice?) but it was similar to...


I love this quote because it's so true. No matter what we do in life, putting others down is never going to be the way to go in order to lift you up. 'Lady Cecily and the Mysterious Mr Gray,' was a beautiful story that promoted this throughout, which made me love the book even more. It was sexy, romantic, fun and meaningful and I highly recommend it! 

Happy Reading!


  1. 'Blowing out another man's candle does not make yours shine brighter' is the quote, Kelly, but the meaning is the same 😀. I so pleased you enjoyed the book!

    1. Thank you Janice! I like the way you wrote it! :) I'm missing Mr Gray already!!! xx