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Harry styles,

We currently wish we were sat in the Manchester Arena awaiting Harry Styles to hit the stage all over again, because WOW, just WOW! Monday night we had such an incredible time getting to see him on Tour. He was bloody brilliant and we didn't want the night to end. In sharing with you some pictures from our fabulous night, we thought we would highlight one of the many reasons we adore this man.

Harry is all about love and, well, we simply LOVE this about him. His heart, his kindness, his encouragement of people to be who they are, love who they want and love all those around us, is absolutely wonderful in our books. The main quote you will see on all his merchandise reads:

Treat people with kindness! 

So, here are some ways we feel you can do just that!!

* Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. 

This is something Kelly and I have said and lived by since we can remember. It's something we will never tire of encouraging. Be it songs, books, fashion, TV, religion, absolutely anything, if you don't like it that is fine, but keep it to yourself and shout out about what you do love. We would much rather hear people talking about something that lights up their face and makes them smile, than talking about how much they dislike something. Worse still, is when you get people who dislike something that you adore and they start bashing it in front of you. We've been in those situations and it hurts. We can't tell you the amount of times we had to stand up for Jeff Hardy when we were teens. He was our worlds and more often than not we were made fun of because people didn't get it, or they simply thought it was funny to hate on him. For twelve year olds, and even now as adults, it sucks when people hate on something you love.

* Think before you speak.

It's so so easy to pick up your phone these days and type a comment. With everything from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram and texts, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from sharing your opinion with the world. But always remember your words will effect at least one person. Once they are out of your mouth, once they are typed on a computer screen, they are heard and read by others, and everything has a consequence. Are your words going to make someone happy, make them laugh, inspire them, lift them up? Or are they going to hurt them, make them cry, make them feel inadequate? Always use your words with love in your heart and make sure they are free from judgement. 

Harry styles, treat people with kindness,

* Compliment others.

Since living in America this one comes a little easier to us now. Let us explain. In our experience, Americans are very outgoing and chatty. No matter where we were, the gym, the grocery store, walking down the street, people would say hi and sometimes even start up a conversation. Us British folk are a little more reserved, now of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but we are going off personal experience. These days if we are out and about and like someones hair, makeup or outfit you will likely hear us tell them so. Don't be shy!! Wouldn't the world be a lovely place if you got on the bus or tube for your morning commute to find everyone on there interacting with each other talking about what they liked about each other's outfits that morning?

* Treat people how you wish to be treated.

This is something our Mum instilled in us from an early age and something we still live by. It sums up everything above really. For example, if you had a company and were sending out samples for people to try and people went online and bashed it, would you like that? If you had spent years writing a book only to read reviews where people were criticizing with so much hate, would you like that? Or would you prefer to be given constructive criticism in a nice manner? To be told some ideas for improvements in a kind way? This is something we struggle to be a part of in the social media machine. Too many people think it's OK to voice their negative opinion because they have to be honest, but just treat the people behind the product/book with respect. If you wish to be treated with respect, kindness, love and so forth, then go forth and treat others this way. Honesty doesn't have to be filled with thoughtlessness or negativity.

Harry styles, love, manchester,

* Treat others.

We all know the hashtag 'treatyourself' and we've all probably used it at some point when we finally buy that thing we've had our eyes on for a while, but what about treating others? Whenever we were at the table and left a plate of food or half a piece of cake and Grandad asked us why we had done so, his face would light up when we said "for Mummy" or "for Jenny" or whomever. Making up a plate of food for someone not around the table or thinking about others was so incredibly important to Grandad and he always got teary eyed when he would talk about how Kelly and I and were one half of a whole, always thinking about the other one. Thinking about others is what our family does and is something we are so grateful to have been taught. Furthermore, we have this beautiful friend at work who is always thinking about others, whether it be bringing in a new protein bar for me to try or letting me borrow bikini's for holiday, being thought about is such a lovely thing. So, today, why not think about how you could treat someone else! :) 

In conclusion, Harry Styles is freaking awesome and we should all strive every single minute of the day to: 

Treat people with kindness!!

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Have an amazing day!


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