72 Hours in Italy: Days 1 and 2.

The last time I was in Padova, Italy, was 14 years ago! 14 years!! It seems so strange that a place I haven't been to for over a decade could feel so familiar and so homely. From our Auntie's street, to her humble little kitchen, to the pizzeria we once visited, it all bought back memories and a feeling of great comfort.

I was eager to revisit Padova to see our Auntie Giuseppina, as the older I get the more I appreciate seeing a place with a fresh new outlook. 14 years ago, I was well and truly in my Good Charlotte phase and spent half of our trip here wearing nothing but black and listening to My Chemical Romance on our Walkman - remember them? So to truly take in another part of Italy, that is home to my family, was something special to me. 

I spent 3 (and a half) days at my Auntie's house with Jen (our not so little anymore sister) and we had a wonderful time. The first few days saw us enjoying the little things in life - for me the most important - like walking with our Auntie to accompany her on errands to the Farmacia, Pasticceria and Frutta and Vedure stall. We soaked up the Italian sunshine and smiled at our Auntie's interactions with the locals. It's amazing how many people in Italy are over 90 and are still walking to get their daily newspaper! 

We also visited a mall for the first time ever in Italy, which was quite strange, it felt like we were in America until people opened their mouths! And we had another look around the Church of Saint Antonio. This building is incredible. The artwork, the detail, the architecture is simply breathtaking.  It's truly a sight to behold, so if you ever find yourself in Padova, definitely pay a visit.

It's wonderful how Italians spend most of their days around the table. Our favourite times of the day were preparing lunch, while watching La Prova Del Cuoco (an Italian cooking show) then staying at the table, once we'd eaten to chat, have a little espresso and decide what we were going to do in the afternoon. There was no rushing, no urgency just the simple joy of being in each others company. Once our afternoon activities had been undertaken, it was time to prepare dinner and spend the evening watching L'eredita (an Italian quiz show - I swear it was like being at home) while eating another freshly made meal and chatting well into the evening. 

Good food and great company. Pure and simple! 

Have you ever been to Padova? Have you been to Italy?

Buona Giornata!


  1. Ciao Kelly, I loved reading about your time in Padova! Everything looks delicious, and it's even better with family :) I love that Italy is so walkable and that must be why everyone lives so long here! I was just reading an article last night that listed all of the people over 100 and a lot of them were from Italy! I've only been to Padova once or twice, but it is so near to where I stay in Italy! I hope you get to come back soon! :)

    1. Ciao Kelly. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I loved writing it and sharing my pictures - I took so many, it was hard to narrow them down! I can definitely see that - it's the Mediterranean diet! :D We definitely don't want to leave it too long till we visit again. It was lovely spending time with our Auntie! :) We'll have to meet up next time! <3


  2. I love reading about your trip! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. I've never been to Padova but I've been to several places in Italy, my parents lived there before I was born and my Dad regularly teaches and takes students over to Rome. I'm heading to Sicily in a couple of months and I can't wait! Your food photos are making me hungry!
    Hels xx

    1. Wow!! That's amazing Hels! Where abouts did they live and where have you been? So many questions! :p Aww yay, I'm so excited for you! We did eat so much delicious food! :) xx