Book Review: The Ton's Most Notorious Rake by Sarah Mallory.


Release Date: 22nd February 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon Historical
Twitter:  @sarahmromance

May I just say that I read this whole book on my kindle and didn't see the cover till the end, and what a cover it is! He's a bit dreamy don't you think? Am I right or am I right? Plus, he fits perfectly in my mind for Beau Russington. Beau is very much a heartthrob in 'The Ton's Most Notorious Rake,' and I really enjoyed his presence in this story...

Molly Morgan swore off men after her terrible experiences with them, including a short and unhappy marriage. She is quite content in helping her brother in the vicarage and looking after her girls at Prospect House. So, when a group of fashionable gentlemen arrive into town, her main concern is keeping her girls out of harms way and having as little to do with the visitors as possible. Molly does't account for her misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and needing a rescuer. She definitely doesn't account for hers being London's most notorious bachelor and an infamous rake! The chemistry between Molly and Russ is instant but they both no they aren't right for each other. Is that enough to keep them apart?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. It had such a great pace to it. I was 100% interested and present in every page. It was both a captivating, yet relaxing read, that was immensely satisfying to sit down with.

As is the case with a lot of wonderful leading ladies, Molly was caring, sweet and could stand on her own two feet. She represented independence and courage. I thought her setting up prospect house, a place for women who had been treated wrongfully by men, was such an amazing thing. I love reading these stories and finding inspirational women, who take matters into their own hands and treat others right and care for them. I find historical romance fascinating because of how different life was in the past. In some ways, I love how certain roles were simplified and how a good man was a good man and treated a woman right, but I'm not a fan of the way the women had their places in society and were looked at as bad if they had fallen for the wrong man or how some men treated them as if they were objects to do with as they so wished. It makes reading about strong women who go against the grain all the more empowering. Molly was a good example of a woman who had been treated badly, but who rose from that and decided to look after other women and help them not make her mistakes. She didn't conform to certain society rules and she liked to do things her own way. She was quite a remarkable woman.

Which meant she needed quite a remarkable man! I often find myself romanticizing about the good men I mentioned before. I wouldn't wish for the roles to be the same now as they used to be, but at the same time, it is lovely to read about the men who weren't looking for a wife, but then suddenly got swept off their feet by one dazzling woman they never knew existed, who changes their ways and makes them feel true love. The men like Beau Russington, who have a bad reputation but aren't actually bad, who want to care for a woman and look after her, who would fight for her and destroy the people who have hurt her in the past. The men who think they aren't marriage material but are in fact just waiting for that right person to come a long and love them. It's all rather romantic.

Molly and Russ were perfect. I adored their roller coaster of a story and am sad that the ride is over for me. With a cup of tea and a hot water bottle 'The Ton's Notorious Rake,' was a brilliant nightly read that I highly recommend.

Happy Reading!

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