Take me back to...

Do you ever find yourself day dreaming about another time, another era? We often do. We've grown up listening to the classics like Motown and driving around in car's from the 1950's and 60's. We've read books that transport us to historical times and times when the world was vastly different. Occasionally we find ourselves thinking about what it would be like to experience going back in time. And today we thought we'd share which era we would wish to go.

Lucy: The Era of the Beats.

Ever since I read Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' at sixteen years old I have had an obsession with The Beat Generation and San Francisco. I love how this era and the works of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William.S.Burrough's, to name a few, represented being free, exploring all the world had to offer and devouring all it could give you. I loved their thirst for knowledge, desire to explore and hunger for spirituality, sexual exploration and that excitement in creativity and simply going with the flow.

When I talk to my husband about 'On The Road', I get enthralled with the idea of going back in time to San Francisco, walking the streets with Sal and Dean and staying up all night talking about anything and everything and just getting lost in the moment, the sights, the sounds, the adventures that can happen at any minute. My husband will laugh every now and again, as this coming from the person who likes to be in bed by nine, but I honestly have that pull inside me, that feels like I have a little part of my soul that belonged in that time.

One of my favourite things in the world is when my husband and I sit together drinking coffee and writing, in addition to when we go and see music together. I like to get lost in the moment, but don't do it nearly enough. It's something I strive to do more, not caring as much and allowing myself to just be me and follow my heart and my thoughts. 

The Beats inspire me every day and I have my heart set on a trip to San Francisco soon.

Kelly: The 1950's Pinup.

I have my Dad to thank for this, as growing up going to car shows and meeting his friends, who still dress with a 50's flare, instilled my love for the era. I adore listening to the music, while cruising with Dad in his Cadillac, (keep watching) it's just so much fun. It makes me want to get up and dance - i'm still trying to find a good dance class in Manchester, I want to learn how to Jive! When we discovered The Overtones, they really couldn't have been more perfect. Listening to them bringing the songs we have listened to for years back to life, in their own way and seeing them dance in unison and look like gentlemen is fantastic. Plus Dad can't get mad about our taste in music anymore - he loved our Good Charlotte years, I tell ya! 

Then there's the fashion. If I could get rid of everything in my wardrobe and fill it with poodle skirts, rockabilly dresses, pin up dresses, high waited shorts and polka dots, I honestly would... I really should! The pin up dresses are my favourite. I love the halter necks and the way the skirts float out - perfect for twirling and dancing the night away. I actually made a pact that I would use going to see The Overtones live as an excuse to really embrace my inner 50's pin up. I own a pink and white 50's dress and wore it to one of their shows and received a lot of compliments. At Christmas it was all about the Christmas jumpers, but rumour has it they are going to be touring in summer, so I cannot wait to get at outfit together! It makes me so excited!! 

What era would you love to travel back in time to experience?

Have a totally awesome day! 


  1. Love this idea girls :) I'm a 50's dress lover, so totally relate to this feeling Kelly! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Ahh thank you Tania! Let me know if you know any great places for them! :) Hope you're having a nice weekend! <3 xx